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  1. bornagain280

    S30 Suspension and Drivetrain pieces

    Do you have a R200 pinion flange for sale? 2" pilot/2.94 diagonal c-c pattern/10 mm bolts thanks Chase.
  2. bornagain280

    WTB R200 pinion flange

    Hey guys and gals, I'm looking for a R 200 pinion flange with the 2" pilot, that has a diagonal bolt pattern or 2.94 center to center and uses 10mm bolts. I have a 2.25 with a 2.75" diagonal center to center and uses 8mm bolts. Maybe a trade, if not, I will buy yours without trade. Any help would be great. Thanks, Chase.
  3. bornagain280

    1973 240Z for sale

    Awesome car.
  4. 240mm Flywheel and flywheel bolts? Are those for sale? If so, whatcha asking on em?
  5. bornagain280

    timing chain brand input

    I know you're asking about a timing chain set, but I have heard that the ITM pistons are descent from Tony d. I'm probably going to end up using their pistons and timing chain set in my build. I don't have hands on experience with their parts yet, but I talked to zcar source about their "master engine kits" and they said that ITM is sometimes what they sell. He couldn't tell me 100% that's what I'd get, but said they did use them and ITM parts will probably be in the kit.... Pistons in particular was my inquiry . Sorry if this is not a direct answer, but from what I'm gathering they're not top of the line, but descent, and if properly set up, shouldn't be issue of failure. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm looking at their parts too.
  6. bornagain280

    stuff for sale

  7. bornagain280

    Wiring harness/ecu help

    EFI and ECU that is, for sale. I'll get you some pics if you're interested in it.
  8. bornagain280

    Wiring harness/ecu help

    We just pulled a l28 out of my buddies 280z. The previous owner labeled almost every wire on it and did a very good job with it. Complete with ECU. He told me that he wants to sell the motor or part it out.... let me know if youre interested. thanks Chase
  9. bornagain280


    Too late?
  10. bornagain280

    "Zcar source" head gasket limitation?

    Okay, I guess its time to do a little reading, research, and math with this equation. I'm going to look around some more on Jeff p and his s130 too, maybe I'm searching the wrong keywords or member searches ? Don't worry, I'm going to do the math work and figure what will work best with my variables, then I'll know what it takes. Not just copying someone else. Thanks for all the information and knowledge from everyone and you tony d. I'm sure to need it again, and corky bells book too. Chase.
  11. bornagain280

    "Zcar source" head gasket limitation?

    I've rode 2 stroke dirt bikes for multiple years now and like turbo charging or any high performance engine I guess for that matter, you look out for detonation. I collapsed a ring land on a piston once in a rm 250, and all that I can figure is I mixed 87 with my race fuel instead of 93. Dropping my octane too low and causing detonation.... It was my fault, I got to runnin my mouth with someone at the gas station and grabbed the wrong pump. Luckily I did hear the engine pinging(easy when you're basicly riding it) and pulled it off the track, and saved the engine from blowing up. Never had any other pistons do that, so it had to be the fuel mixture, and that was a forged wiseco piston at that. I can understand the "detonating and not hearing it", with a loud exhaust and not much sound deadening in a s30. Very good information though, and I will do a full run and analysis at 8 psi when I go to tune this machine. I definitely don't want to toast any parts weather its a head gasket or piston. Learn to walk before I run so to speak. I think I also read another post that you mentioned coolant-temp detonation in regards to the size of aftercoolers blocking the radiators too much. Or at least higher coolant temperatures due to less airflow as a result of too large of a cooler. I'm not ready to buy a after cooler yet, but was researching optimal sizing. What is the most important variable when selecting one? I'm sure size has some to do with it, but potential flow due to inlet and outlet locations as well and overall construction design? I had a l28et built by sunbelt and I ran the largest spearco aftercooler I could cramp up front and looking back now, it was probably unnecessary and may have even been a issue. I never fully finished that car though to see its full potential. Im not in a race to build this engine, but pacing myself to make sure its sound and done right the first time and want to have fun and learn more while I do it. knowledge is power! As corny as it sounds. I
  12. bornagain280

    "Zcar source" head gasket limitation?

    I think you guys are solidifying my decision to run a standard head gasket over a mls, and keep some coin in my pocket. I definitely plan on taking the car to a dyno after I get it running and tune it before I take it out and have fun with it. The shop Im looking at agreed, the pistons are the next breakable part if the head gasket is blow proof, but did agree the stock pistons are pretty tough. He said he could help me get a few parts that I'm looking for, but I'm going to be careful, as I'm sure, I can source some of these parts myself. The whole 89 mm head gasket size is more clear too, since z ya mentioned extra spacing allowing one to unshroud the valves, which I was looking at doing, but waiting till I got my actual head gasket I'd be running, so an exact mark could be made. The soot mark is very defined where the factory head gasket is larger that the bore, but I'm not going to trust that when I start removing material. I've also seen ITM pistons around for sale, its just convenient to get most of the parts in one kit.....I wonder what manufacture supplies the pistons in the Z car source master kit. Don't need any Chinese crap, a lot of that Chinese imitation stuff out there now . I'm going to look around some more at the ITM pistons and see about piecing the rest together and see how I feel about it. I've gotta say too....475 on a stock bottom end has made me feel a lot better about the cast pistons too....sometimes reassurance from someone that has done it before helps. I would love to see his build specs on his engine. I know, I know, "search functions" ...lol. Kidding. Thank you guys a lot on this info., it makes me a lot more confidant that I'm going the right direction and don't need to throw thousands at a engine to get good results when proper built and tuned. Chase.
  13. bornagain280

    Turbo stuff

  14. bornagain280

    Turbo stuff

    Not the knock off please, the real deal...