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  1. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    Settings for 370cc injectors with afpr

    the key is at the afm spring tension.
  2. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    Settings for 370cc injectors with afpr

    I set the 370svo injectors lowering with a regulator to 22 to 24 at idle with the vacuum hose connected and at idle with the engine on adjust turning the plastic gear spring to the right direction lean side until make the idle smooth at 1000 rpm or a little bit more and that it with this set up I went to the dyno and l28turbo stock put 340 hp to the wheels 370 pound feet of torque you need good Intercooler walbro 255 pump 3 inch exhaust and 18p.s.i. of boost.
  3. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    Supra 440 injectors in a 1976 280z

    Why you want´s to upgrade to 440 supra injectors the n/a engine don´t need that if you have turbo or big cam or high compression modified engine the stock 280zx turbo injectors is enough.
  4. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    Should I go with a t3/04 turbo?

    hi jeffp tonyd toll me you reach the 400hp at the wheels with stock ECU z32 how you control bigger injectors without modified the internals of the unit and how much boost you adjust it to this numbers what type of boost control you use manual or electronic.please replay
  5. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    precision 6262

    Tonyd what is jeffp set up because he is not on the the list set up l28t you can tell me where he is to see how he reach those numbers are amazing with stock ECU Im proud of him.
  6. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    precision 6262

    hi tony d the only way to make those numbers is with alcohol injection , adittional injectors, high octane gas, and more than 25 psi of boost my numbers was at 18 p.s.i. please the only thing you has to do is don´t compare me with other people and give me credit and that,s It mynumbers are awsome stock ecu 370 svo injector with fmu I´have a friend of mine he make 420 hp with n/a 280zx ecu at 28 psi but he use alcohol injection and 440 cc supra injectors.
  7. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    precision 6262

    Do you believe that ask to profesional guys like Rebello performance about 600 hp stock ecu the maps on the stock computer can control big injectors to feed the boost. You have to modiefied the fuel and ignition maps That means isn´t stock and My dyno number are with stock block , stock intake ported matched head and ported exhaust manifold no body has this numbers. soon i will post the dyno page and 91 octane shell gas at 18.5 and the fuel mixture was at 10.3 little rich if i can set mixture to 11.0 to 11.5 and more i can increase this power 340 and 372 pound feet of torque I am king of the dyno baby super setting ha ha ha ha giiiiiiiiiiiihaaa .
  8. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    precision 6262

    Hi menbers the 6262 is a potent unit I´m using T04b 60mm inducer on my set up and do you know somebody on the forum rolling the dyno to 340 at the wheels and 370cc svo injectors and fmu regulator. Please let me know who maybe in the future the 6262 is a good choice for a l28 turbo.
  9. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    List your L28ET setup.

    i have the dyno copy if somebody don´t believe me.
  10. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    List your L28ET setup.

    I forgot the dyno numbers was at 18.5 psi of boost i am l28stockecukingofdyno340p member with 91 shell octane gas so proud.
  11. l28stockecukingofdyno340p

    List your L28ET setup.

    Chris and big phill is time to celebrate i,ve been lot time and hard work put in performance combination to my junkyard l28turbo engine stock block p90a head just match intake and exhaust ports stock intake manifold stock exhaust manifold minor port stock ecu 1983 zx turbo. The turbo is T04b super h-3 turbine p.69 the injection system only 370cc svo injectors and fmu regulator without programable ecu I went to the dyno and put recor braking numbers for stock e.c.u 340h.p. to the wheels 372 lbs. of Torque please cher this record with me. you guys has amazing project cars.