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  1. Thanks you hud. Good news. It should be a fun ride once it goes back together.
  2. Thank you for your response. I won't be using a turbo on the engine. I was still hoping to 200hp. The car is super fun stock. I do not want to compromise reliability, just looking for a bit more ump. Think i can make it?
  3. 1977 280z rebuilding a 280zx turbo engine, not using the turbo. - Bored .30 over with ITM Flat top pistons - Polished and balanced crank - Balanced pistons and rods - going to use turbo injectors - Planning on a larger throttle body (Suggestions?) - P90 head totally ported and polished with new rockers and springs springs blah blah blah - Stage 2 Isky cam - Standard head gasket - Stock ECU, MIght need to upgrade, have to see what happens - Cold air intake My machinist says I should have no problem making 200hp to the tires. I have my doubts, but I am no expert. I would really like to hear everyone thoughts or predictions. The overall car plan is for it to be a spirited weekend reliable driver. -
  4. I found the company who make the spoiler pictured above. The company is in Canada . its 259.00 shipped to my door. Here's the link to the page just scroll down and you'll see it listed. http://www.showcars-bodyparts.com/240z.html
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