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  1. ya, i get spark from coil --->dizzy-->wires.. But i think it has something to do with the efi not spraying i don't hear it.. pumps works pushes gas up to the 2 the fuel rail then it looks like gas stops moving forward but pressure is still building up.. I also think that maybe has something to do with the efi relayspend today trying to figure out were and if it does need a efi relay or is there a back yard process just to get it running so i can get it to my house.. Thanks
  2. Hi I have just recently blown my head gasket on my 23 z, and had a 79 parts car. So far I've swapped out the good eng and tranny into my 72. I am and also have swapped out the eng wiring harness and some internal harnesses. Everything from my 79 is efi. The problem I am having is I can't get it to run it cranks, but i don't think injectors are firing. I've used a clear tube to see if fuel was being delivered and it looks like it stops at the fuel rails but theres alot of pressure build up. Also I have heard to twice what might sound like it wants to fire. Read the EFI bible and I am having a hard time locating the efi relay .. Do i need this or is there a way I can work around anything if anything just to get my baby Z on the road again. So far 1 week and frustrated as hell:evil: .. Thanks in advance
  3. I got 2 wiring harness both from a 77280z 1 i'm swapping with my 73 other i can donate i'm in nor cal
  4. Thanks for the post everyone .. Sorry to get back so late,court and work an yaday economy yada.. but tonight as I was getting home It scary like the shaft is gonna shoot up my seat ,it makes a roataing kinda grinding noise in N, silence with clutch engaged I think. Will confirm and verify in the morning just got home from work 1:30 pdt . I'm not gonna lie only reason this psot is hear is because my homie is a hybridz whore excuse me french and he reminded me.Doh sorry. Mr SF that tranny I think I seen you post it on craigslist bay area 675 is a little steep for my blood no offence but thanks once i hit a the lotto or a good night at the good old Bay 101 i might take you up on that if ya still have .. still further notice To be peaceful one must be an smoke with another one Yikkes
  5. ya,he dumped the car... car is lost in the ca DMV as non op an can't find the registered owner ... his 2nd hit it sucks cause hes SOL

  6. WTB a transmission that is good for a 1073 240z i hear my pilot bearing spinning off. In North Cali
  7. Check the 12v to the switch and see whats up. The ignition switch may be worn out. There should be an overflow bottle which should be filled with water regardless of the radiator level. When the cap pops, it sends the water into the bottle but as soon as things simmer down it sucks the water back up. What you can do is put your hand on the rubber hose from the thermostat to the radiator or the top of the radiator to see if it gets hot when the thermostat opens. If it doesn't get hot and the gauge is getting really high then replace the thermostat, its really easy, just undo those two bolts on the top of the thermostat housing and pop in a new one, and have a new gasket ready for it too. Other than that, make sure the gauge reads properly and stuff. If you're really wanting to dig in you can pull the radiator out and flush it with some sort of radiator cleaner or just use a water hose. Sometimes that bottom hose on the passenger side gets clogged with gunk and impedes the flow.

  8. Thanks for the feed back but not sure which dizzy u talking about. i know the 78-79 has the magnetic blocks kinda shape like a L. and the zx has no L shape just looks like a ninja star which is the current install. hears the magnetic ones give bigger and hotter spark. I will try them out an compare with feed back next week
  9. 80 280zxdizz with 79 coil. But can any-1 tell me if the 79' magnetic dizzy is better than a 80' dizzy
  10. oh ya if ya want to do it or watever call me 408.417.4825
  11. Hi all I've spent over a week 5+hrs per day trying to get my Z started again. Trying to do any electronic distributor conversion. bought the 79'zx dizzy w/e12-80 failed bought a HEI module fail. Is there any-1 in the bay area wanna help or do it for me i'll pay or if there is a site not atlantic seen it its for a 77"fyi" but anyways i unplugged all the wires and I;m pretty sure the some type of converserion has already been done. Help Santa Clara, San Jose area wanna help me or do it for me I just want it running again.
  12. do you guys know where I can get step by step with pics. That might be better than what i'm trying to do now. 1 week 79'280zx dizzy with 73 240z 20miles from home = no progress
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