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  1. Whoa, this is cool! Just designed this...
  2. Brilliant, those look amazing!! Quite a project pulling the entire dash out!!
  3. Thanks - any one installed one or the other? I have some 2 1/16 gauges that I could use if they'd fit...but not sure if I have to make some sort of adapter. My guess is that the 60mm would look nicer and be a lot easier to read.
  4. Need a 383 stroker...

  5. I've been reviewing the forum for a discussion on gauge options for the 3 openings in the dash. I see that SpeedHut seems to be a popular option, but mostly for the Speedo / Tach replacement. I'm looking to replace the current (non-working) stock gauges with new ones (oil pressure, oil temp, water temp), and would like to see what others have done, both size and brand. Mainly, is it the 2 1/16" that will fit or the 2 5/8" that is better? Appreciate any info and picts you can share!
  6. My understanding is that the rear kit from MSA is based on a '90-94 Nissan 240sx (S13) rear calipers - that seems to indicate a Porterfield AP272. Are those the calipers you have?
  7. Just picked this up - crate 350, but runs strong. In desperate need of a 383 Not in love with the hood, but it's on there for now. Looking at a brake upgrade as well. Plan is to make this a nice little track car / sleeper.
  8. Anyone? Thought this would be pretty straight-forward! From what I've read, mostly either 350's or 383's. I talked to one builder down in AZ (found him on a post from www.chevyspeed/com), was thinking for my $10k budget, I could get a dart block 420 ci with 600 hp. Tempting as that is, I can't imagine being able to get that kind of HP to even come close to hooking up - especially with 225 tires! So, at some point, extra HP just has no use in a 24xx lb car. What is that optimal torque / hp configuration? Seems that we want engines that will rev quickly (light flywheel?), be very respo
  9. Howdy All - just came into a nice 1972 240Z that currently has a Chevy 350 in it. Conversion already done, but I'd like to drop a few more HP into it. I have two questions - 1) I'm thinking a 383 with 450-500 hp would be a nice match. Since it is already setup for Chevy, i'll stay that route. What are some of the other options I should consider that are popular? 2) Engine source. There are a TON of engine builders on the internet. I know that many of them use junk Chinese parts and it will probably grenade quickly. Are there any reputable chevy engine builders that folks on the fo
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