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  1. have an intercooler from a 90 ford thunderbird SC. is that what you were thinking? let me know if interested
  2. Hi, my stock L28e fuel pump failed & I decided to upgrade to a Walbro GSL-392 unit. Everything else on the car is stock & it is non-turbo (for the time being). My question is what should the proper fuel pressure (psi) be for the Walbro pump? I have a fuel pressure gauge taking readings before the fuel pressure regulator & with the stock pump it was also pretty steady at 30-35psi before it died. With the Walbro installed, I now see readings of 90psi which can fluctuate down to 40 psi. The pump is also making an oscillating, siren like noise as if it is laboring heavily & it
  3. looking for a good, working TPS & figure it will come attached to the TB (stock replacement for my 78 L28E na is fine)...would also consider a 60mm TB upgrade provided the shaft has been modified to accept the original ball/socket linkage...thx for your time
  4. I think I may have one, but I will need to check...will have the side vent tho...interested?
  5. just wanted to confirm the specification differences between a ZXT fuel pump & a Z fuel pump...I imagine slightly more psi & flow rate but wanted to understand the numbers & if the turbo unit is stouter & heavy duty & in what areas...any info is appreciated
  6. this is more of a question, will a T3 exhaust mani fit without mod to a Z31 T3? thx
  7. the previous owner(s) of my 78 280Z w/ L28E manual tranny swapped in many different parts, so now I'm trying to play catch up...I do not know if the ECU & AFM are correct for a 78, however, I'm trying to confirm that they are correct for each other...ECU part # is A11-600-000 & AFM part # is A31-000-050...also will an AFM part # A31-605-000 be compatible w/ that same ECU...appreciate any info that someone can provide or pointing me in the right direction..thx
  8. looking for a POV. preferably stock, from a ZXT intake...pressure release setting at less than 10psi is fine...pls pm me..thx
  9. looking for new or used (but in good condition): BOV suitable for L28E turbo swap; inlet will be tapped into stock j-pipe, outlet will be hose connected to turbo inlet hose...also, a black faced boost gauge showing both boost & vaccuum readings (should come w/ lines & fittings)...pls pm me...thx
  10. hi, tried the search function & could not locate a thread outlining the steps or the "how to" for modifying the 240sx 60mm TB linkage so that it will work w/ the 280Z style ball connector throttle linkage...I think the shaft & the linkage needs to be swapped from a 280Z TB to the SX TB, or maybe there's another way of doing it...if someone could either direct me to a link or thread outlining this mod or could provide some info, it would be greatly appreciated...trying to decide if its a pita or a relatively easy mod to complete...I understand a 1" adaptor plate is also required & t
  11. Adam, sounds like maybe the "kick in the nuts" shock is startin' to slide into the rearview mirror where it belongs & in your windshield you're getting support from da boyz to help pull you thru...grad the lifeline & pull...my 2 cents...godspeed on getting past this hurdle as options open up
  12. looking for a set of lowering springs for a 78 280Z...new or used...linear w/ same or slightly higher spring rate than stock (I think stock is 185 front & 200 rear, but I'm not 100% sure)...looking to lower car by approx. 1- 1.5" from stock height...already have struts...thx
  13. are the turn signal lens the ones that fit in the grill or the side marker lens? thx for clarifying
  14. hi, did you end up selling the front & rear bumpers for a 280Z? do you mind mentioning the price for both? thx for your time & PM if you'd prefer
  15. thx for the response...the injectors are stock 78 L28E...I've rigged up a tester to spray into a glass jar...will remove pintle cap on one to see if stream squirt turns into conical spray...if spray is better shape w/ bare metal tip, then I'd go bareback but will have to make sure o-ring stays on...if this sounds ok or if I'm inviting trouble, pls let me know...thx for your time
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