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  1. That's really disheartening. I bought fidanza flywheels for both of my cars and I used to recommend them...not any more. There is no excuse for their behaviour. I guess some companies don't see the big picture very well. Spec it is.
  2. Forrest

    New layout.

    Ok, I got it now, thanks. The first time the tabs at the top threw me off.
  3. Forrest

    New layout.

    Hello - am I missing something obvious? I don't see a way to just "view new posts since last visit" or "view new posts from the last 24 hours."
  4. Pacesetter springs and Tokico HP shocks

  5. hey man I love the suspension on your blue 280z, what do you have? I have the Eibach springs but they dont make it look as mean as yours.

  6. I tried out a chinese non-projector kit similar to that, using autopal housings, and the total cost was around 180$ - so that seems a little high. I definitely wouldn't pay 400$ for a non-projector solution.
  7. I second that vote. But 3500$? Holy F! I paid 200$ to have a lawyer get my speeding ticket thrown out...no fees, no fines, no anything. He was part of a network of lawyers that regularly go to traffic court....which helps a lot! They know the DAs and the PDs. So maybe look for a lawyer that advertises this service in your area, I would hope you don't have to pay 3500$.
  8. Hey guys, do any of you have a 4piston AZC kit uninstalled? If so, can you tell me what diameter the front and rear pistons are? Thanks.
  9. You too! I will see you then if not earlier! :)

  10. It was great meeting you at LeBlanc. I plan on coming back for the Cruise the Coast show this fall.

  11. When you have a chance, could you take a picture of your beam pattern against a wall that's farther away, like Joel's picture? Also, do you have a picture of the back of the light? How far does it stick out into the wheel well? Did you have to ditch the plastic inner fender liner? And how much did you have to cut out of your stock housing-bucket, (or whatever that piece that you normally bolt the sealed beams into is called.) Thanks! -Forrest
  12. I just re-read your old post about your brake setup on my previous troubleshooting thread. Thanks for posting that. Sometimes I really need to hear that someone else with this setup has gotten it working. You're using the 280Z M75 booster, right? Did you adjust the booster rod to stock spec when you installed all this stuff? Or did you have to run it out further? Austin, your post is making me wonder if my only problem is pedal feel. Changing the booster should only change pedal effort, not travel distance, right? So, even with the firm pedal, do you have to push just as far as when it was lighter to lock them up? Unless you also changed the rod length as a result of switching the booster, I don't see how it could have solved your problem....and I -really- want to solve mine. I can lock my tires up no problem, but it feels like too much travel and the pedal goes down way too easily, regardless.
  13. It is black pearl. You must be seeing the reflection from the grass.

  14. I'm really having trouble getting my pedal to feel right...can you tell me if your pedal feels at least as firm as stock? No play at the top?
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