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  1. All im looking for at this time is 7 inch round headlight housings to fit D2 projector or a really easily modified 7 inch round housing. We are building a set of halo HID headlights.
  2. Yeah they are, I'm doing something custom and just looking for recommendations on the 7 inch housing rather than a plug and play hid solution.
  3. Hey everyone, looking to build some HIDs but unsure which housing to purchase. Does anyone have recommendations?
  4. Hey everyone I'm looking for an oil and water cooled t3 turbo from an 84 to 87 300zx. Let me know if you have one and how much to get it shipped to my door. Zip code 85143.
  5. Alright guys, i got 2 data logs. 1 is from cold start all the way to warm(had to tap the gas a few times to keep it alive and it still died a couple times but closer to the end you see the idle issue i was talking about) the other is just regular idle(with miss fires) after the car was warmed. 2018-03-30_10.20.59.msl 2018-03-30_10.25.57.msl
  6. Thanks a lot guys. I'll be trying a cold start tomorrow and try to get a data log of it to upload
  7. I'll look up a video on how to make a data log and get it logged for you guys
  8. I have not added an IAC quite yet its on the list, so I will try to provide as much info as i can. Any kind of remote help for my tune would be greatly appreciated as the guy really did a poor job and it ran worse after i got it than when i first brought it to him L28Et 440cc injectors intercooler t3t4 turbo 240sx throttle body and TPS VR sensor and trigger wheel greddy bov no IAC quite yet this idle will happen and then die until about 120 degrees and then it will idle normal. Previously before the "tune" it would idle low and want to
  9. Hey everyone. We had the car running before bringing it to the tuner and it would cold idle a little a bit low on cold start up for a bit. However, after bringing the car back from the tuner i have a very strange cold idle issue. Please take a look at the youtube video link because im honestly not sure how to describe it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am very unhappy with the work the "tuner" did on the car and will end up having to bring it to someone else but i would like to get this resolved before hand. Any ideas why this happens? L28ET running off a VR sensor with M
  10. Hey everyone, just finished a swap and took the car to the tuner, clutch slipping badly at about 13psi and looks like I need a better clutch. After the expense I've put into everything else I'm running low on funds and looking for something that will work but may not need to be a permanent solution. Engine info: L28et 440cc injectors Walbro 391 fuel pump Jsk fuel rail Custom intake manifold T3t4 freshly rebuilt turbo Megasquirt 2 Intercooler Freddy bov(fake greedy) Tuner was getting about 13psi of boost before the clutch s
  11. Hey Old Andy! I was just taking a look over your build and it looks great. Mind if i ask what pillar pod you modified to fit the z? thanks so much!
  12. Hey everyone, I am using a VR sensor and trigger wheel with my megasquirt ECU. I was hoping someone could answer my question regarding this set up. I currently have the VR sensor mounted near the bottom of the trigger wheel. I was reading up that the sensor needs to be about 5-7 teeth BTDC. I was unable to find a good mount online to put it at the timing mark mount, can I just bring the engine to TDC and rotate the trigger wheel accordingly? Any answers or information would be greatly appreciated. I tried the search function but wasnt finding an exact answer to this particular iss
  13. Hey guys, I have AC in my car and im looking to keep it in tact. The L28ET i picked up came with a mount in place of where the compressor mounts for my hall effect sensor. Any of you guys running AC with a hall effect? How did you mount yours? I would love to get some input! Thanks in advance.
  14. I love all of the LED upgrades! I would really like to learn how to wire that kind of thing myself. Where did you get those nifty center console webbed holding things? Looks like a great place to put maps or phones etc.
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