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  1. Hi all, I know old post but can't find anything newer with any answers. Anyone ever figure this out? I tried connecting the stock zx sensor to my MS2 and followed the wiring instructions but had no luck getting it to work. I have one wire going to MS2 grounding point the other going in on the tan/green SPR3 input. These are the instructions I used from the hardware manual. Analogue inputs The JS4, JS5 connections on the MS2 card can be used as 0-5V analogue inputs. Parts required. One 1k 1/8W (or 1/4W) resistor, one 0.22uF 10V ceramic capacitor. Solder into proto area.Run jumper wire to JS4 or JS5 (your choice.) Run jumper wire to SPR3 or SPR4 (your choice.) Analogue options: MAF, 2nd O2 sensor, Baro sensor, misc sensor. Input pin name Processor (DIP40) pin number Note JS4/AD7 30 Analogue input or digital input JS5/AD6 29 Analogue input or digital input When used for a misc analogue sensor input, JS5 is datalogged as ADC6 on a scale of 0-1023 points and JS4 is datalogged as ADC7. See the TunerStudio manual for more detail Thanks
  2. Hello I am looking for the early maxima bracket so I can use the 280zx hardware I already have. Anyone have or know who still makes these?(and don't cost $200) All the ones i found are for the 240SX and the maxima/300 setup. Thanks
  3. Hi there I have one out of a 82ZXT. Let me know if still looking.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I emailed Isky asking about the cost for a regrind but have not heard back, i might have to give them a call.
  5. Are you still looking for one? I have one and I'm in NC. PM me if interested. Simon
  6. Thanks rossman any recommendation on where to send the cam?
  7. Hello all I have a P90A head, I took the lifters apart and cleaned. They look okay to me, no visible pitting or damage but not really sure what to look for. Before I buy a new cam for it (old one was damaged in storage) I wanted some input; is it worth buying a stage II Schneider for the P90A or should I ditch the hydraulic lifters and convert it to a solid lifter? I have read many posts on how too but not much info on people running the hydraulic lifters and if they are having problems with them or not. I like the idea of a quieter engine and wouldn't mind connecting a knock sensor to the MS2. I am currently running a P90 with 16 PSI of boost. No issues and the car runs fine, just looking to make it a little better. Thanks Simon
  8. Summit Racing has the Cardone 31-1003 for a decent price. I saw a couple shafts on ebay. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/aaz-31-1003?seid=srese1&cm_mmc=pla-google-_-shopping-_-srese1-_-cardone-industries&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI6Yj3qb7K3wIVxp-zCh3HdwkJEAYYASABEgIhjvD_BwE
  9. Water bottle did not work, too thick and not long enough, inner-tube is next.
  10. Thanks Grannyknot, I checked them out and it is 34 bucks for a used one shipped. If I wanted to stay OEM yeah it's ok deal but I don't and that's too much for a used one. I ordered a rubber water bottle that should be here Tuesday, I will upload a picture if it works. Cheers
  11. Thanks Tim, I am not concerned with OEM at this point, I just need something that will work.
  12. Greetings I took the wiper motor out of my 280z to cleanup the linkage and service the motor. The protective bag ripped on me in a few places plus it is so brittle it looks like it will far apart soon. I have searched (sorry if I missed it) and as we know there are several posts dealing with the motor but could not find anything on bag replacement options. I was thinking maybe an inter tube or even a hot water bottle? My buddy suggested a turkey cooking bag doubled up and sealed with hot glue, I know that sounds weird but might be a good option. Your suggestions are appreciated. Thanks, Zlost
  13. Hi there, thanks for those who responded. My problem turned out to be the ECU, I'm not sure why but it looked like the ECU was keeping injectors on too long causing it to flood. I don't think i had a weak spark after all. I found a Bosh ECU online, so far it works great, I had to adjust the AFM because it was running lean with the new ECU. I plan to take in for a proper tuneup soon. Does anyone know a good Z mechanic in the Raleigh NC area area? Thanks Zlost
  14. Hi JSM I cleaned the ECU connector and soldered some suspicious looking solder joints on the PC board. Do you know if the car would start without the ECU connected? Thanks Zlost
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