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  1. Read this. http://www.motoiq.com/MagazineArticles/articletype/articleview/articleid/2184/turbo-tech-turbo-troubleshooting.aspx
  2. I forgot to mention that the extension kit was not required, I mounted the pump in the deepest portion of the tank (save for that odd elongated hump at the very front of the tank ahead of the sending unit) and it was just the right length without trimming. Some slight compression of the foam at the very top.
  3. Not an EFI conversion per se, just eliminating the external pump in favor of the internal phantom system. This was in a 280z stock tank, and wasn't the easiest to fit. The best place for it required rotation and slight modification of the sending unit to clear the foam baffle, some reshaping of the small hump present in the tank just where the pump goes, and plugging the original supply/return lines. I also removed the supply/return lines and the swirl pot from inside the tank. Only the vent lines remain. This left the supply/return/vent from the aeromotive pump facing rearwards, so I made some hardlines to route the connections around the tank under the filler neck to the front of the tank and connect to the new 3/8 fuel lines under the floor pan. I can't find any pictures of that at the moment. It performed well when tested, but haven't driven the car yet with this setup partially because of other work I'm still doing with the car and I have the great misfortune of living in a winter climate. I'd be interested to see what others have done with this pump arrangement as well.
  4. The A3 cam does crack one valve and open the other at low rpm, then operate both valves in a `normal' fashion when the vtec system is engaged. The A2 operates in a more traditional performance oriented sense but at low rpm the two pairs of valves do not operate identically. The intake valves are staggered to induce swirl in the cylinder, while the exhaust valves are also staggered to improve exhaust pulse scavenging. Honda wouldn't engineer this complication without purpose. However all Vtec killer arrangements nullify this system. Reports on low rpm drivability with vtec killer systems are varied, and most are race only type arrangements. A Vtec elimination using the stock Honda high rpm lobe, which I believe is what Derek has done here, is a to my knowledge a first. Most systems run different specifications. Here's to breaking new ground! Correct me if I'm wrong on any point, its been a while since I've been inside a Honda head. Great work Derek, looking forward to seeing cams in this head!
  5. I used a generic Autoloc two door kit for my wife's 280Z. Welded some 1/8 inch steel mesh to the bottom of the key tumbler arm to connect to the lock solenoid. Gave lots of adjustment options. There was so much wear and slop in the joint of the key cylinder and the actuator arm that i had to weld a shim in place to avoid movement in unwanted directions. Also had to reverse the wiring to the soleniods as in this setup the controller default operation was the opposite of the lock/unlock operation. Sorry if the pictures are unclear, I could only get my phone inside the door as there was no room for a quality camera.
  6. I had forgotten how funny the vastly spurious crowd can be. Painful, but funny. And if you think it's just a deliberate spoof, this guy's doppelganger lives up the street from me.
  7. Beautiful work. What were the difficulties with the cast cores that caused the switch to billet? Also how do you think this change will impact your cost estimates?
  8. Black Magic is a coal slag based media, usually less abrasive and gentler than oxide types. Derek, any chance we could get some measurements of the assembled long block? Say, the height from pan flange to top of valve cover, the distance from crank center to camshaft plane, and possibly the width of the new head referenced to the center of the bore? Much appreciated.
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