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  1. clockwise to raise float level, counter-clockwise to lower float level. If you use the OER sight tool, you stick the tool inside the orifice of where the emulsion tube sits, you put your finger over the hole on the tool, and pull the tool out. Observe where the fuel is sitting, and make adjustments accordingly.
  2. Haha yeah, I would imagine they're relatively short! It's something I'm actually thinking of doing in the future when I start to become really serious with the engine. Funny enough, I found myself grabbing a complete E31 head not too long ago. Still deciding whether to hold off the head for when I acquire an F54 block, or just slap it on my existing L24 block. Decisions, decisions. On that note, I'm living a lot closer to you these days. As a matter of fact, I just live a couple of minutes away from Yoshi, and I see him nearly every week. So seeing the car is actually a pretty good possibilit
  3. Oh my, having the intake manifold pinned to the head, and that port match is just absolutely stunning. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought the intake port never ended! And that's a good tip about the difference between the L24 and L28 HG. Would come in handy in the event the wrong HG is sent to me, and I have something like an E31 on an F54 brewing. Question about the head cap screws for your intake manifold pin, it's not *that* deep into the head is it? Guessing it's something like just a few mm thread lengths in, or somewhere similar? That pin definitely piqued
  4. I could finally follow your build, aside from IG Lookin' pretty good! Those T3 stacks look the business
  5. Oh my goodness, she sounds good! Haven't been on the forums since school started. I comeback and I hear your RB crank over
  6. Filthy and dirty engine bay. Expected for a car I drive nearly everyday
  7. They're definitely high up there. I've seen some ITB setups around and they're pretty sweet. I actually just took a look at his, and it's definitely a cool get up. Aside from that, thought about doing both paint and wrap? I've always thought about doing so, rather than just using titanium wrap, doing both, I would imagine, makes it so that any moisture trapped will be held in between the paint and the wrap. Wouldn't have to worry about rusting out the headers, then again I don't know how you'll be able to cure the paint though, and I've only ever thought about it, without much more thoug
  8. Now THAT'S beauty. Since you're sticking with NA, are you going to stay with the stock RB25DE TB setup, or go all out with an ITB setup?
  9. Been there more than I could count. Ideally, you would want to be there early. My friends and I usually get there by 7:15 am. Earlier if you want to get into a premier spot, but then we're talking about 6:30 am, already at Blackhawk
  10. At least a done up Zed get's attention. Nobody really notices mine since it's pretty rough Maaaaan, I would love for him to sign my glove box door.
  11. Tardi to the party, but it was good meeting both of you guys! Hopefully I get to see you both at the upcoming cars and coffee in June. I'm trying to get my buddies from the swap meet to come with. I'm sooooo jealous you get to meet Peter Brock! I want to have all the things signed!
  12. Good find! They look similar to Weber Emulsion tubes. I also learned recently that there is another type of Mikuni/Solex jet block, Type 8. They have interchangeable bleed pipes inside the jetblock to change the characteristics of fuel atomization(Quoted from my PHH service manual. Swapping bleed pipes and modifying the holes is similar to swapping Weber E-Tubes.)
  13. Never would I have thought of using a vacuum to check for a bent throttle shaft/knicked throttle plate(s). Good thinking! Now I can steal this trick for any future Sidedrafts that I come in contact with Out of genuine curiosity, how did you open up the gasket ports?
  14. Oh man, that Wideband gauge looks sweet! Never knew they made a stepper motor style. I'm slightly tempted to find a used one to swap gauges hehe.
  15. Awesome! I find myself in Pleasanton almost everyweek, so the next time I'm over, I'll definitely come and pop on by
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