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  1. Maby some of you weber gurus can point me in the right derection her. I got a stock l2,6 with full z story exhaust. And i have 45mm webers on it. (Got Then with the car (new in box) ) What is a good starting point her? Any rule of tumb on This? My tuner recomeneded me now to order f11 tubes 55f6 idle and 30mm (36mm in Then now) chokes for them. Got alot of option on mains for it from 130-175 i think i was. Air is 170 if i dont remember wrong. Hope some one can point me to a start her. Having trubble making it run. Bogs AS soon AS we are trying to rev
  2. Any one tryed recaro LX Seat in a late 260z or 280z ? (Since gearbox tunell is different from 240z) realy what 2 of those in my 260z. And How is the Seat hight compared to stock? Sitt way to high in the stock ones and How is it holding you in place? Was thinking of bucket seats But those aint good for longer trips Pictures whuld be awsome aswell thank you
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