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  1. i got 72' 240z project and its on good conditon..909-224-4397 text
  2. I have it..in very good condition.. $30 shipped.please let know
  3. I have a stroker setup for sale - N42 Head, 240z 9mm rods, Y70 Nissan Lighten Flywheel and LD 28 crank knife edge, magnafluxed, balanced and polish by Castillo Crankshaft in La Mirada, CA never been use since rebuilt. Its a beauty. All for $1400. 909-224-4397 JB
  4. do you still have the console i live close

  5. Do you still have the console n if you do how much to get it shipped to Cali 91352? Thanks

  6. OK i got the 3 caps..all i need 1 more ..please pm me for a used one for reasonable price. Thanks
  7. im looking for a used set..if you have one
  8. WTB 280zx turbo swaztika a set center caps. Thanks.
  9. I'm in the process re-doing my fuel system converting to '76 gas tank (doing L28ET conversion) and debating whether or not I should do remove the evaporation tank. I have read some people don't have an issue doing it. I'm not keeping the car original. I like the idea because there are less piping/hose to replace, and its much simplier/cleaner. What do you guys think? What are the pros and cons?
  10. Carbon Monoxide absorb 5 times faster into your blood stream than the oxygen, its DEADLY..this is very big point to consider.
  11. Regarding the exhaust fumes on S30 as being DD, there is a real danger here of carbon monoxide poisoning. Basically, the Carbon Monoxide(CO) enters your bloodstream through your lungs and bonds with the oxygen(02) molecules, preventing the O2 from being absorbed by your vital organs which includes your heart and brain. This can lead to all kinds of bad things. Since CO is colorless and odorless, you may already be exposed even if you can smell the exhaust fumes. Take this VERY seriously.
  12. 240z stubby would NOT work with a Subaru LSD it seems shields would not engage in the differential case. So i ended up using 510 stubby its fit perfectly! Here's the pictures the difference between 510 and 240z stubby axle:
  13. Great. I'm about to drop my open R200 3:54 out my 240z. Thanks.
  14. i have the J bolts for 75/76..let me know if you need them
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