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  1. A little while back I wrote code for calculating stress and retention force for press fits. If you know the nominal outer diameter of the valve seat I could do a quick calculation to find a suitable range of interference fits, then use that to determine hole/seat sizes. Also, a quick calculation indicates that about .00065" interference is lost when the head expands. I assumed a valve seat outer diameter of 1". CTE Chromoly (4130) 7.6*10^-6 in/in degree F CTE Aluminum (6061) 13*10^-6 in/in degree F T1 (room temperature) = 69 degrees F T2 (High Safe Operating Temperature) = 190 degr
  2. What material are your valve seats made of? And what interference did you spec?
  3. NW240z I'm interested! I just need the driver's side (no pigtails) after taking a closer look. My passenger side one is in better shape than I thought. Pictures would be great.
  4. gogriz, my Z is a 73.
  5. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f59/trygon21/IMG_3882.jpg http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f59/trygon21/IMG_3885.jpg http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f59/trygon21/IMG_3887.jpg http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f59/trygon21/IMG_3886.jpg Willing to trade for that driver's side tail light if you've got one that's uncracked
  6. I've got one from a 73. Has all heater control switches too if you're interested. Missing the knob for the fan. PM me with an offer?
  7. Looking for a set of 240z tail lights. Would also be interested in purchasing just the driver's side tail light if you only have the one. Located in San Luis Obispo California.
  8. I accidentally started a welding fire in my garage in January when welding on a bracket which was going to hold the existing Z throttle shaft in place. I learned the hard way just how important it is to have your fire extinguishers checked- mine didn't work and left me scrambling. I put the fire out with a hose in my backyard, but not before it roasted my fender and alot of my engine wiring. The old flattop carbs went back on the car for a while in an effort to get the car back on the road as soon as I could. Since I had the six carbs off the car I decided to spend some time to clean up the se
  9. I would be willing if the opportunity arose- however, most members here advised me to go with a male mold so I don't know whether I'd have alot of interest in the female one I printed many months ago. Progress has resumed however- just more sanding.
  10. Looking for replacement fenders, headlight buckets, and hood for my 240z. I'm located in the San Luis Obispo area (93410).
  11. The mold's been sitting in my room for the past few months- I spend an hour or two sanding on it when I can, but haven't made alot of progress (mold prep takes ages on something like this). It doesn't help that I've got a couple other projects going on as well- tail lights on my 240z just went out, been working on some custom engine stuff as well. All that and school has really put this on the backburner. I'll keep updating this once I make a little more progress. Hard to prioritize it over school and the mystery of my taillights though.
  12. I have a broken clock I'd be willing to part with. I've also got fuel and oil/temperature gauges I'd be willing to part with (considering replacing all of them with aftermarket). Send me a PM
  13. I'm looking to buy 2 used four point racing harnesses. I don't need them to be FIA certified, and they can be past their expiration year for track racing. I like takatas, racecraft, and schroth in particular, but I'm working on a tight budget so anything will work. Also, I would strongly prefer centerlocking harnesses. Let me know what you've got. Thanks for your time Z community EDIT: I previously stated that I would consider 6 point harnesses or unmatching sets but I decided I'd like to run a matching set of four point harnesses. Email at mv.pkragen@gmail.com or respond here.
  14. Email sent- Info would still be appreciated as I'm working on a tight timeline and limited budget.
  15. Hey everyone, I've got a favor to ask. I have a 1973 240z and I'm looking to remove the brake fluid switch. My existing one was damaged in a fire which destroyed the internal components of the switch, allowing the two brake circuits to mix- so in the case of a leak in just one of the brake circuits, my entire brake system will fail. After some searching I have found that brake switches are very difficult to source and also very expensive when they do come around. I'll be searching parts cars for one in the long term, but I'd like to get my car back on the road in the meantime. Here's a l
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