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  1. A little while back I wrote code for calculating stress and retention force for press fits. If you know the nominal outer diameter of the valve seat I could do a quick calculation to find a suitable range of interference fits, then use that to determine hole/seat sizes. Also, a quick calculation indicates that about .00065" interference is lost when the head expands. I assumed a valve seat outer diameter of 1". CTE Chromoly (4130) 7.6*10^-6 in/in degree F CTE Aluminum (6061) 13*10^-6 in/in degree F T1 (room temperature) = 69 degrees F T2 (High Safe Operating Temperature) = 190 degrees F ValveSeatDiameter=1" Change in interference=(CTE Aluminum - CTE Chromoly)*(T2-T1)*ValveSeatDiameter What hole diameter tolerance are they hitting when they post machine the heads? What about on the valve seats themselves? EDIT: Also, you mentioned that any time you press something in you are shaving metal. My understanding is that unless the yield strength of one of the materials is exceeded, the press fit does not remove material or permanently deform either the seat or the head (at least not a significant amount). I would argue that using a press fit probably isn't bad practice unless there were other errors in the process as well.
  2. What material are your valve seats made of? And what interference did you spec?
  3. pkz

    WTB 240z Tail Lights

    NW240z I'm interested! I just need the driver's side (no pigtails) after taking a closer look. My passenger side one is in better shape than I thought. Pictures would be great.
  4. pkz

    WTB 240z Tail Lights

    gogriz, my Z is a 73.
  5. http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f59/trygon21/IMG_3882.jpg http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f59/trygon21/IMG_3885.jpg http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f59/trygon21/IMG_3887.jpg http://i45.photobucket.com/albums/f59/trygon21/IMG_3886.jpg Willing to trade for that driver's side tail light if you've got one that's uncracked
  6. I've got one from a 73. Has all heater control switches too if you're interested. Missing the knob for the fan. PM me with an offer?
  7. Looking for a set of 240z tail lights. Would also be interested in purchasing just the driver's side tail light if you only have the one. Located in San Luis Obispo California.
  8. I'm interested. Located in los angeles. Shoot me a pm
  9. Interested. Pm sent.
  10. Interested. Text sent.
  11. interested in the hood. Located in san luis obispo, will be in LA in early june, can pick up earlier than that.
  12. I accidentally started a welding fire in my garage in January when welding on a bracket which was going to hold the existing Z throttle shaft in place. I learned the hard way just how important it is to have your fire extinguishers checked- mine didn't work and left me scrambling. I put the fire out with a hose in my backyard, but not before it roasted my fender and alot of my engine wiring. The old flattop carbs went back on the car for a while in an effort to get the car back on the road as soon as I could. Since I had the six carbs off the car I decided to spend some time to clean up the setup. I bought a spectre throttle cable which I'll run directly to the throttle arm. I also made the slide throttle positions relative to one another- Originally I had the single throttle shaft tapped and screwed in the individual slide mechanisms, so the mechanism wasn't adjustable (couldn't think of a surefire way to make it adjustable at the time). Now I've used set screws to hold the slide mechanism to the throttle shaft. In order to adjust them, I have to loosen the set screw, then retighten when they're set correctly. Not quite as easy as with triple webers or stock carbs, but overall not too difficult. I decided to repaint the intake as well. After using a grinder wheel to clean up some of the rough edges from before, I taped off the area where the carburetors mount to the upper plate, then used a few passes with vht paint from oreilly. I'm really happy with the results.
  13. PM Sent for locking gas cap. Also interested in door lock set.
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