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  1. Sounds good! 75 280z running SUs. I am pretty sure I don't have a condenser close to my coil. Let me double check that. Thanks for the hint!
  2. Thank you, here is what I found on the MSD website: Primary resistance .7 OHMs Secondary resistance 4.5K OHMs I drove already a few hundred miles with the wrong resistance, does that damage anything or what can happen? Do you have any idea what could trigger the turn signal behavior? Thanks for your input!!
  3. Hi, I had to replace my broken stock coil and went with the MSD 8202 Blaster 2 coil. Now my question: Do I need the 0.8Ohm resistor or not? It runs fine, but the tach reading is not very stable on low RPMs and it drops towards 0 everytime the turn signals flash. Might be another reason though I have the 79-80 distributor with the E12-80 electronic ignition module. Thank you!
  4. around 10 or 10.5inch wide, offset between -30 and -40. thank you
  5. Looking for the original chrome ones - not the plastic rip-off. thank you
  6. Hi there, This is my first post on HybridZ. I am currently looking for the best rim size to fit on my 280z. Despite finding many posts dealing with that topic I couldn't find the 'right' answer. I am running T3 coilovers and zg flares from MSA and will stretch the tire so it neatly fits. However I am not sure what width would be ideal on a 16inch rim (0 offset) as I don't want to use tons of spacers. This is the stance I am looking for (though I probably won't stretch the tire this much): Thanks for your input!
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