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  1. just double checked it and looks like the price dropped since last i checked. price adjusted!
  2. surprised no one wants these fenders! definitely the best fitting ones
  3. open to reasonable offers for forum members
  4. replied, thought these nice parts would go a lot faster to their new homes! apologies for the late responses as well, for some reason the notifications aren't coming to my email. Will check the boards more often, everything listed is still available.
  5. Hello All, I have a few parts I'm getting selling, parts are all brand new. Local buyer preferred ( Bay Area, CA) , prices are firm. First come, first served. Shipping is available at the buyers expense. Thanks! 1976 + 280z Wedge seat brackets - $150
  6. i haven't heard back from CX since my last update. Not completely sure if im willing to wait for them to remedy the mounts, i could've bent them out by now, lol. I think between waiting for CX and Maddog rails, its all set me back a bit. I'll probably just push on with everything and make it all fit
  7. Agreed! Maybe time to look at fabbing up a cross brace
  8. Fingers crossed... I was expecting to get voicemails and generic answers, but so far so good!
  9. So i was able to speak with CX Racing customer service. I spoke with a representative who was familiar with the LS / S30 platform and he said that on 280z's since the trans tunnel is wider, you would only use the front set of adapter mounts, and not the rear mounting tabs that required drilling to the seatbelt hole / trans tunnel area. For the motor mount issue, i sent them an email with photos and they told me they'd review the photos, and if there was an issue with the mounts they they'd send me a new set. Not bad so far! Keep in mind that my mounts were purchased abo
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