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  1. have no idea what spinwerks are honestly. Their ok wheels. I got mine second hand 16x9.5-0 but I just sold them recently. Couldnt get them balanced for shit since apparently the centers arent perfect, you need the centering adapter when balancing them which I dont so I gave up. Other than that they were solid wheels. Even took a good curb slap and only dented the lip but still held air with no cracks or signs to replace. I'd recommend them
  2. Not really some small stuff with arms and tie rods. In other news I got a pair Work Meisters.
  3. I've been following this and I can say this is going to look awesome when its done. Not to mention almost factory-ish finish will be a nice touch
  4. So digging the air dam, available anytime soon? . Any reason why you went with a 4 point cage? Deciding on getting a 4 point w/door bars/intrusion or 6 point for overall reinforcement especially the floors.
  5. More pics, went drifting a few weeks ago and forgot my fricking go pro so no footage and the only footage I do have is on my iPhone. Heres a pic for stuffs. Car has fuel cell now, just waiting on a e12-80 module so I can get back out.
  6. ha, never had stickers. Those were actually paperback comic book strips!
  7. Well the car has got some changes since the last time I posted. The car now sports UP Garage S13 Coilovers all around, MSA Stainless headers, some basic gauges, front t3 camber plates, extended front lca/rods, and simply cleaned up the wiring with same basic loom. I will be getting more things within the coming month for a local drift series (Boost Series). Enjoy the pictures provided by: https://www.facebook.com/skylercasebeerphotography?fref=photo / https://www.facebook.com/yoshphotography916?fref=ts /https://www.facebook.com/imminentdangerphoto?fref=ts
  8. For my car in running 16x9.5 in the with 215/60 lots of traction, then to 205/50, then to 195/50 with little difference other than easier to feel when the car is sliding. Spring rates are kinda meh with Integra DC2 coils that are more for street then track.This car LOVES oversteer which is a good and bad thing for drifting because the front suspension cant hold much angle if you go for wide transitions. Is there a "feeling" between grip and drift? It reacts like any car would just be ready to catch the wheel since if you don't control the rear end it will come right around. With my mode the steering ALMOST feels stock other than a bit more steering wheel rotation, though problem is you only can get so much lock on a manual rack before it gets harder and harder to pull out of deep angles. To be honest I can tell you all my instances with this ad my previous car but it all comes down to one thing: SEAT TIME. Everyone will tell you that the Z sucks for drifting and almost impossible but ofcourse they themselves have not tried it to have a real opinion on what's possible. I'll put another video up where you can see how the car acts after the modifications soon.
  9. Yeah will do next time. Right now I just have extended arms, tie rods,removed rack limiters, and decided to remount my tension rod in a way that my 9.5's won't hit them at full lock. I haven't driven on track other than some "off track testing". Next I'm going get the knuckles shortened. Btw all fan work is done from Marcus Fry Enterprises. Hoping to get back to the track january/febuary.
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