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  1. i can ship and i can sell without the rotors if you like. Overall the entire package is heavy.
  2. More than likely missing stuff. Prices are firm but will consider offers...please dont be ridiculous though . (Buyers pay all shipping charges) Have a good day and thanks for browsing.
  3. have no idea what spinwerks are honestly. Their ok wheels. I got mine second hand 16x9.5-0 but I just sold them recently. Couldnt get them balanced for shit since apparently the centers arent perfect, you need the centering adapter when balancing them which I dont so I gave up. Other than that they were solid wheels. Even took a good curb slap and only dented the lip but still held air with no cracks or signs to replace. I'd recommend them
  4. Not really some small stuff with arms and tie rods. In other news I got a pair Work Meisters.
  5. i was like...thats like the lifetime of a cruise ahead of us
  6. UHHH.....like why does the location in the link lead to Afghanistan
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