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  1. krispy0101

    Ls1 in a 280z??

    Hello! i have seen multiple videos where people have engine swapped a 280z with an Ls1 from a corvette! If i were to buy an engine and transmission from ebay or craigslist, how hard is this swap to do and what parts are essential? i have looked on other forums and haven't found much on the topic. Thanks for any replies!
  2. Howdy! anyone know where i can buy a new or secondhand L28ET motor for my 240z? Ive heard this is an easy swap that is very beneficial. Thanks!
  3. krispy0101

    sr20det engine in a 280z?

    Hello! I am interested in switching out a stock 280z's engine for a nissan sr20det. i have heard that this is not a very easy swap, and i was wondering what i would need to do it. the 280z is currently stock. thanks for any replies!