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  1. This is very annoying, Why must it be so???
  2. Parts i ordered are mostly all in, Strait from japan of course haha.
  3. hello, if anyone is able to help me out with this, i would appreciate it A LOT! having trouble with pictures showing up right when just viewing as a guest. Perfectly fine when logged in but i get an error when view as a guest and clicking on them. Posted pictures of how it looks on my end. Logged in view. Logged out View (Guest mode) Error message when clicking on them to view in Guest mode. Any help or suggestions are welcomed.
  4. Previous owner handy work check it out. Generous amount of gasket sealant Epoxy or some sort of rubber cement.
  5. Wiring Harness.... What have i done?

  6. Keep at it! hope your making more progress then me :3
  7. A little about the Car: it is a 1990 300zx 2+2 Auto NA, Came with a Thrown Rod according to the previsions owner upon further inspection before buying i knew it was just a spun bearing. He wanted $1000, I offered $700 and she was MINE! came with 18 inch chrome wheels and pretty new tires, later i found out the complete exhaust system was custom minus the stock headers! And not to mention the Stickers which add an extra 50HP. Not going to keep these.
  8. the engine came out a few days later and for the first time pulling a VG30DE it sure was a lot of fun and confusing, but it is out along with a few other parts.
  9. After getting home i tore strait into her, hood, front fenders, bumper, for a couple hours till had to take a nap for the night. i twisted the key off somehow but luckily part of the key stayed inside so now i just need a flathead to turn it on : To Strong sometimes.
  10. Hello everyone! This is another one of those LSx build on a Budget. I will try my best to stay under $4,000 for a Stock 5.3L Truck LM7 Engine Swap into a nice $700 Dolla Z32. Now a little about me since i know you are all Big Fans of mine and want to know every little thing about ME! Not new to the nissan world as i have worked on a friends Z32 and owned a 240sx, a Z31 and now a proud owner of a Sweet G35 sedan :3 im not a pro when it comes to engines but i at least know how to change the oil and a few other things. Now off to a wonderful Adventure! Aint she Purdy? Yes t
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