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  1. Long time without posting. Updates... Finished painting and clear coating the engine bay. Looking pretty good, but while installing the driver's side coilover, the paint chipped off around the rear tophat bolt. That'll need to be touched up. Front subframe is installed now, but need to find one of the brackets for the swaybar. Cleaned out the brake master cylinder and reassembled, painted the brake booster, and installed. Found out the block we had could not be machined to fix the spun cam bearing, so I had a new GM block shipped to me courtesy of Summit Racing. Cleaned it all off an
  2. Quick picture of the flywheel and adapter plate. Some of the bolt holes in the flywheel leave a pretty thin wall, so those are getting TIG welded and balanced before install. Adapter plate is pretty sketchy, so we're going to re-make that entirely.
  3. That's some incredible work you've done. I think I'm going to end up fabbing an adapter plate anyways, but thank you all for the replies!!
  4. Put a couple color coats on the engine bay and front bumper. Starting to look good.
  5. Won an auction for an adapter plate, lightweight xtd flywheel, and clutch/pressure plate on ebay yesterday all for $100 shipped. Adapter plate is homemade so we'll see how it works out. Either way, it was a steal! Still plan on using the ACT clutch/pressure plate if it'll work. Welded engine mounts and custom bracketry should allow correct placement of the engine and transmission. This brings the cost of my swap down another $500, so that's exciting. Next purchases after machine work should be an LS6 cam and yellow springs to wake up the motor, then new MLS gaskets, water pump, and oil pump.
  6. Disassembled the rotating assembly and numbered the pistons for later. Found out the engine had a spun cam bearing and destroyed the cam, so hopefully sending the block off this week or next to get line bored and hot tanked. Then time to buy more parts. For now, just doing more research into the engine build.
  7. Hey everyone, I'm sure this information is around here somewhere, but I can't seem to find it. I would like to put an LS1 intake manifold on my LM7 long block to clear the hood of my Z32. I understand that the LS6 intake is better in terms of flow, but seeing as I can get an LS1 intake for about $200 less, I'd like to go that route instead for the time being. My question is, what is needed to run an LS1 intake on a 5.3L LM7? Can I use the truck fuel rails and coils? Thanks in advance
  8. Buddy started cleaning up the heads for me this week. Looking much better now. I also ordered my EZ wiring 21 circuit chassis harness, hot rod motor mounts, and an ARC switch panel today with my tax return.
  9. Got some more body work done to the engine bay this weekend. A few more skim coats of bondo, sanding, and primer, and we should be ready to paint. In more exciting news, I finally got a good donor motor for the LS transplant. We pulled a 5.3L iron block LM7 out of a 2000 Suburban 1500 and tore it down last night to investigate. Seems like a pretty healthy motor with good compression, but was obviously abused judging by the caked up oil in the cylinder heads. In the coming weeks the motor will be completely stripped and put through a parts washer before checking all measurements a
  10. Check my thread. I'm in the same boat and have posted up my parts list in great detail. Good luck! http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/124655-another-ls-300zx-z32/
  11. Sanded down some bondo, grinded down some welds, and laid down a light coat of primer on the passenger side this weekend.
  12. Couple of pictures of when I first saw it.. including the *aghem* VG30DE. And after I got it home and cleaned it up. As it sits now, working on shaving the engine bay. There was a lot in between getting it home and getting to this point, but that's for another time and place.
  13. Hello all, I was wondering if anyone has come up with any sort of alternate solution to mounting the LS to the Z32 transmission. Is it possible to move the transmission forward and modify the bellhousing to fit properly? I am apprehensive to use an adapter plate if there is a way around it. Also sounds like I could save money here. Please do not reply with "use the LOJ kit" because that is not what I am asking. Thank you!
  14. Currently working on my first project car; a 1993 Nissan 300zx Z32. The car came as an NA 2+2 shell, so instead of rebuilding the measly VG30DE, I decided to swap in an LS series engine. Parts list is as follows 300zx LS swap LM7 5.3L Engine- $500- BOUGHT LOJ Swap kit- $2,700 My total- $435 Mounting Custom trans bracket Custom shifter bracket Custom alternator bracket Custom accessory bracket Cut/balanced driveshaft- Universal Automotive- $85 http://www.universalautomotiveconcordnc.com/index.html Accessories
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