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  1. misterZ

    Mechanical Fuel Pump

    Mission accomplished, thanks all!
  2. misterZ

    Mechanical Fuel Pump

    PM replied!
  3. misterZ

    Mechanical Fuel Pump

    I'm in search of an original mechanical fuel pump in good working condition, please send PM, thanks!
  4. misterZ

    11m custom Fuel Rail

    Are the fittings for barbed or o-ring style injectors?
  5. misterZ

    Strut Inserts, Valve Cover, Steering Wheel, Center Consoles + MORE

    I'll take the mechanical fuel pump $20. shipped to FL 32405; what's your PayPal?
  6. misterZ

    Misc Parts For Sale

    PM sent.
  7. misterZ

    280Z factory service manual copy

  8. I just need one weber down draft if you have any singles?
  9. misterZ

    Rebuilt P79 Head

    I'm a bit closer and have an N42 intake I'm not using with EGR pinched off. If still interested I'll dig it out and take pics, it was pretty clean with ~127K miles.
  10. misterZ

    Brake brackets

    Unfortunately, the wrong brackets for the S30 rear disc conversion...
  11. misterZ

    Wtb. S30 rhd cowel and rhd heater box

    I don't believe they are detachable, I have a Fairlady and it's welded in.
  12. misterZ

    260z cam

    ^ there you go... I have two but not willing to part with for obvious reasons. Just watch for junk 260s on CL or the E88 head out of a 260 on Ebay; you'll find one some day, good luck!
  13. misterZ

    85-88 Maxima Flat Brake caliper bracket

    Yeah, unfortunately the wrong bracket for the swap or I'd have them. "/
  14. misterZ

    Maxima Rear Brackets

    Correct: 1981 - 1984 Maxima brackets are Nissan part# 44155-04S10.
  15. misterZ

    RAZO Pedal Set $20

    Yeah I'll pass but it's a nice set!