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  1. I don't have any up close pictures, but I've had them for about 2 years and they are holding up great, made of plastic but pretty high quality.
  2. I'll be keeping tabs on this thread since I am in the same boat. Should have heeded the warning in the JTR book.
  3. Wrapping up the last few things of the swap. bought a B&M z-gate, some black dress up parts(not much a chrome fan), & driveshaft should be finished and installed on Monday. can't wait to get her back on the road again.
  4. that is a sick ride! That pic of Leno was that over on mulholland drive/hwy? I know he cruises through there quite a bit.
  5. Interested in the turn signals, and if 1978280z5spd doesn't get the bumpers(front and rear) from you I'm very interested in those too. Let me know your price. Thanks
  6. SBC 350/th400 Will soon be joining the running V8 Z club, got a medium list of items to get before first startup though. Used the JTR mount kit, was a bit of a pain to get mounted -- HEI Distributor was too big, trans dipstick in the way had to to get rid of it and beat the earth, wind & fire out of the left side of the the tunnel.
  7. For some reason I can't edit my original post but everything sold. Thanks for looking. Got it. Will get it sent out to you in the morning. Thanks
  8. Have a sell pending on them but I'll get back to you if it doesn't go through. The fuel hoses on the bottom of the carbs may need to be replaced soon but otherwise they're in good condition.
  9. I have some unknown brand 3-2 headers I might have up for sale sometime this week. I'll update when they become available. Thanks Emailed you.....
  10. Starting my Chevy 350 Conversion so stuff has to go, thread will be updated as other things get found or become available. Local pick is available if you're in the Southern California area. Thanks Round Top 4screw SU Carbs with manifold and linkage - $120 75-83 Z/ZX Non-Turbo Air Flow Meter P/N: a31-625-000 - $45 shipped '78 5-speed ECU Module P/N: A11-601-000 - PENDING SALE L28 Engine with Cam F54 Block + N47 Head [10:1 Compression] - $150 [Local pickup only] Has 300/300/.510(American Cam Co.) installed in the N47 head. it's going to need a rebuild as it was burning oil before it was pulled. Stock 280z Seats - GONE
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