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  1. Mission accomplished, thanks all!
  2. I'm in search of an original mechanical fuel pump in good working condition, please send PM, thanks!
  3. I don't believe they are detachable, I have a Fairlady and it's welded in.
  4. ^ there you go... I have two but not willing to part with for obvious reasons. Just watch for junk 260s on CL or the E88 head out of a 260 on Ebay; you'll find one some day, good luck!
  5. If you change your mind about the 2+2 model, my son has a `78 FairladyZ 2+2 (first JDM year of the S130) he'd probably let go. We're in FL.
  6. Mine adjust ~120 degrees, JDM, well made ~medium grade w/ matte finish (~$125. shipped) wish I bought 2 sets (MD):
  7. NW Florida (Panhandle) http://okaloosa.craigslist.org/cto/2644453412.html
  8. Whew, that's an expensive kit! The body is actually pretty nice considering it's FG. It's the under-carriage and cowl area that are bad; the car sat for several years and up until this year he had it out there with a $5800. price tag. I guess $2K is the 'sale' price but considering the body kit is all intact, it may be a fair price if you were in the market and wanted to 'skin this cat'. I forgot to mention it does not run but all the interior is in relatively nice shape!
  9. The cowl is ate up and rusted thru; I didn't look the car over very good as I was more interested in the body kit. I really don't have the funds, time or place to part it out but if anyone is interested in the car, I can give you the owner's number. He wants it gone so I'm sure he'd come off that price some.
  10. I thought I'd share this local find with some of you `ol timers. The guy bought it off Ebay 10 years ago but no longer can take care of the car due to health and wants to sell it. It was originally a California car and I considered buying it to part out but he's asking $2000. to start OBO. Anyone know of this FG Ferarri Daytona kit? Hood, valance, fenders and rear panel, door handles have been relocated to top corner with a push and twist type chrome handle (driver's side is missing). Is it worth anything or still made? I especially like the 15" spoke wheels with spinners.
  11. ^^ that sounds like a lot of work. I opted out as well since you can wire to the stock relays... or what dexter72 said: "Look up MS Posts by Cygnus. He did a nice self made relay board with pics." I also see it as added trouble points with extra cable connections and like to keep things simple.
  12. Didn't think of it when I purchased my MS1 yesterday; I'll have to check if the newer v3.0* PCB supports. Btw--did anyone build there own kit or did you purchase assembled? Just trying to gauge what I got myself into time-wise to solder the board up. Thanks,
  13. Ok, poor choice of 'word' as I had the 2 dr version and it was also 25 yrs ago, I'm old, give me a break; I know what I drove and vaguely recall the body style being very similar--that's all.
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