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  1. idle speed increased so much i had to dial the idle screw a whole turn down, and no sign of air leaks anywhere, maybe the engine really likes this.... i hope
  2. another update: i worked on the intake runner ports to open them from 31.5 mm to 34.5 mm from area C to almost half way to A, thats as far as the grinder reach. worked from there on to area A with a common long round grinding stick, not an exact science there i know but you can see the difference after a couple of hours and sweat. Area A is squareish and after it began to look rounder. taking in consideration Area A is a bit more open than B and C to begin with i believe this could help flow capacity improve. trying to make the real restriction less of the restriction here as braap says im probably just a dumb guy with a grinder.. lol Before and after. (sorry for the crappy pics)
  3. ''''update'''' -Well, head gasket pop a hole on cylinder 2 at the driver side..., from the looks of the piece that came off the gasket seems cheap So im with the intake out again and couldn't stop thinking about braap's intake runners restriction info, honestly feel pretty dumb now about installing the 240sx TB without doing anything to the real flow problem which braap clearly demonstrates about the runner inside diameter... took some I.D. measurments and here's what i got: -gasket intake I.D. = 35.5 mm -head intake I.D. = 34 mm (P90A) intake manifold runner I.D. = 31.5 mm (turbo) Braap says the runner has enough material to be opened .100'' safely but wouldn't be worth untill .200'' but thats too risky... so i was wondering about some middleground, .150'' maybe? rather stay on some safe ground as possible, the goal is to extract some more drivable power from the engine by the combination of various parts upgraded as a whole (head, exhaust, intake piping, tb, etc..) i don't expect to gain 20 hp instantly by just opening the runners, just want the intake to do its part when the rest of the engine flows a bit better, im not also after extreme horsepower numbers since this is my daily driver, of course more hp is always welcome but i dont wanna go too far (already did to my camaro and now i seldom use the poor car). Do i need to open all the way though A, B, C, ? custom intake is way out of my league.. any advice is helpful
  4. Thats exactly the neat finish i was talking about!, my respects to you man it looks very smooth, what do you use for final polish? and the belt-sanding machine is an great tip, i didn't knew such tool existed , not to mention it is pretty cheap, it would save a lot of time (and backpain ) definitely gotta try one. by the way, now that i see your intake without the webbing between runners i suppose it makes installation easier since you can see where the hell are the underside screws he he... does the fuel rail gets considerably heat from the exhaust without the webbing?
  5. intake installed ( am i the only one who considers bolting the underside manifold screws a royal P.I.T.A. ?? ) now the fuel rail stands his ugliness, lol that will be the next project i suppose
  6. I had read this excellent thread a long time ago, its so useful i read it again and found that scratch built efi intake project link new to me, left me speechless, the project is so deep i invited a friend home to share it, thanks, i really appreciate this kind of info
  7. Yes sir - from what i have read around about the 240sx tb mod, it appears nobody seems to claim real power gains. also that the loose of throttle control is certain, but to be honest i'd like to feel for myself too also i can't stand the original tb, the thing is so chocked and ugly, but ill keep it around just in case. if anyone can share any more feedback about this mod is much appreciated
  8. thought it might be a good time to port the admission to 60mm for the 240sx mod... here is the result:
  9. Thanks, im using 4 vacuum sources too and left 2 more plugged in case for future stuff. ( what's dizzy by the way?)
  10. Hello there z people: I was replacing the manifold gasket, and remembered some very nice pictures of shaved and polished intakes you have around here, pretty clean works, so i couldn't resist imagining it on my z he he! So i went crazy with a hacksaw on it and cut the egr, pcv, cold start, etc... then cut sheet aluminum pieces out of the blades of an old v8 fan i had lying around and welded them in place with a tic welder. the intake started to look nicer and so i followed with the next step, ...polishing it..... THATS WHERE THE NIGHTMARE BEGINS!! LOL i been polishing the thing for almost 2 weeks and im nowhere close to the finishes i seen here! Hands down to all those z lads who did this themselves! they have my deepest respect Well, here are a couple pictures of the intake so far: Every tip and advice is well recieved, CHEERS!
  11. Talking about lightening drivetrain components for rev-happiness , has anyone tried the aluminum driveshafts? do they help revving too? What do you know about it? http://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/CTGY/PRC02F
  12. im in the same situation here, only the front light's work since last week, fuses are ok... And i replaced the light switch 2 years ago... Help!
  13. i had the same problem on mine, the shaft is indeed shorter. just welded a pair of nuts on the adjustable rod end (the threaded piece where you pin the pedal
  14. oh crap..... Now the new clutch disc i had stored (its 225 mm) ain't going into my L28et. good thing i haven't changed it yet. (now i know why a pal is always pissed at his clutches not lasting) great info!
  15. if they are the same then why fidanza make 2 different aluminum flywheels?
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