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  1. the previous owner replaced it right before i got it. i think it is bad though, i just now took it off and there was oil inside the pump also one of the gaskets was all deteriorated and ripped up. i’m gonna order another one but idk which one will be the best choice
  2. hey guys newer to the carbureted Z cars. i’m seeing if anyone can help me with the issue i’m having. i got my 71 240z mainly stock up and running but after it sits for hour or two i have to prime the fuel system again by taking off the return line and blowing back into the tank to fill up the fuel filter. it’ll run fine but soon as it sits the fuel drains out of the filter and won’t start. i replaced the lines going from the tank to the hard lines and the fuel lines in the engine bay. Also has a new mechanical fuel pump. i blew from the hard lines in engine bay the the tank and air comes throu
  3. i was wondering if there’d be any interest in 14” mag style 240z wheels. i’m wanting to buy new wheels and seeing if this setup is worth anything. it has newer tires on it i would have to double check the brand when i get home.
  4. do u have a picture on your car i could see ? how much would you like to get for them shipped to 88101
  5. i’ll take the mustache bar if you still have it and willing to ship. 88101 is my zip code
  6. Would like to buy some rota rb, rkr or konig rewinds. prefer all black or bronze. open to other colors as well. 15x7 or 15x8 let me know what you have please
  7. i am looking at buying a 1970-78 Z that has been ls/Sbc swapped , rb, sr, JZ. prefer manual transmission that’s running and driving good. have up to 15k to spend. lmk what you have please
  8. R200 is in good shape as well and is not lsd but have no use for so I don't know what'd be a good price to get rid of cheap and fast since I am moving and can't take with.
  9. I have a pair of 260z seats that were recovered in good shape. What are they worth and know where to sell them? I need to get rid of them asap, will sell cheap if anyone knows someone interested.
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