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  1. I understand there are many cars out there that meet the end goals of my project, but are they out of my budget range and can they be easily distinguished form cars that underwent poor modifications(builder took shortcuts or cheap fixes). What are some indicators of good build quality when looking at an already modified 240?
  2. Thanks, Thats a good point you made about how i will have to address the pressing issues as they come. But I would like to know if anything could be done to improve the car with my experience and resources. I am sure i will eventually acquire the necessary tools but over a long period of time. I guess what Im looking for is a good starting point for z project. I am trying to find the balance between how ready to drive the car will be upon purchase and how much work i am willing to try myself. For instance, will I be better off spending a majority of the 25k on a nearly ready to
  3. Hello, This is my second post, my first was extremely vague and lazy on my part. I have always had a deep interest in cars and all things that move really. My experience with mechanics is limited to 2 semesters of high school auto class and minor experience with outboard boat engines. I also have rebuilt a 4 cylinder boat engine with the help of a friend who is a mechanic. I have basic tools,(screwdrivers, ratchet set, wire strippers etc.) and a home garage to work in with limited space and no large equipment such as welders or a lift, just the basic tools. I have only driven a manual car a
  4. I am looking to get a 240z or 260z from 1970-73' and would like to do a complete resto-mod. I am limited on knowledge and experience as well as tools and space. I would like this car to have the reliability of a daily driver, though it will most likely be used as a weekend car. I am looking for a z with minimal rust that runs, i would like to upgrade the suspension, fix any body issues and interior issues, then finally swap the engine. What would be my best option for an engine swap? Things I am looking for in this car. -Street legal in New York -200-300hp -very reliable -pref
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