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  1. The radio has the stereo button and the extra speaker wires VS the prior Hitachi which is mono with the single white and white/black speaker wire. I believe the 77-78 had the stereo button with two sets of speaker wires and the early stereo just the one. I wonder if the stereo was an upgrade or ??? since it isn't shown in the diagrams. I had a 75 radio which only had the white and white/black wires. Very interesting......
  2. Thanks but I don't see any speakers in the posted diagram. Or maybe my eyes are bad and can't see them....LOL
  3. I have a 1978 Datsun 280Z radio but no wiring diagram. Can anyone decode the wiring colors for me please? I mainly need to know left or right speaker wires. I have white and white/black wireed together and then black and black/red wired together. Pretty sure they are the speakers but are they left and right or front and back? The radio is a Hitachi KMS-2411Z and has the stereo button. So I am guessing provision for left and right? Any help is appreciated. It's not installed so just getting it figured out. Thanks
  4. The problem is finding the correct oil since all newer oils are formulated differently than back in the 70s. This is one reason I went with conventional oil and additives. There are race oils and diesel oils that have ZDDP but are formulated for their specific application. Our older motors with flat tappet cams and high miles may not work well with these newer oils. Sometimes I think there is just too much to choose from and a lot of BS out there.
  5. I'm going to try the Rislone additive. Here is what they said after I sent an email requesting information on their additive: Hi Ken, Thank you for reaching out to Rislone Technical Support with your interest in the P/N 4405 Rislone Engine Oil Supplement with Zinc Treatment and the amount of Zinc in the bottle. The amount that we put in is prioritized information, we can share what the PPM’s will be when used per our dosage guidelines. Please see the below. INSTRUCTIONS / DOSAGE NOTE: Do not use as an engine break in additive. Rislone
  6. Do not buy STP oil treatment for the purpose of Zinc or ZDDP additive. I made this mistake after reading the 15oz bottle stating it's first ingredient is Zinc. I later found out from STP there is only 5ppm of ZDDP in it. After several emails back and forth asking why the first ingredient states ZDDP they said they have to warn it contains some for those people with newer cars. Very deceiving, why would you need additive for a newer car? Anyway, just a warning there is pretty much NO Zinc in it for those looking to increase ZDDP for their older cars requiring it. They advised me
  7. I'm doing the factory a/c install. I think the aftermarket may be better but I don't want to deal with retro-fit under dash when you can use what was designed to fit.
  8. I would actually like to find someone to rebuild mine if possible. Jeff at Advanced Distributor will rebuild it and bench it to dial it in with his equipment but he charges $200 and up. It also takes 4 to 6 weeks.
  9. I have the Calif single pick up which seem to run a little higher. I have heard A-1 CARDONE does a poor job of rebuilding them.
  10. I have a 1975 280Z California version with single pick up distributor. I am thinking it needs to be rebuilt soon. Any recommendations on who to send it to or should I just buy a replacement? It's the original dizzy. Thanks....
  11. Very nice. There are only 2 issues I see, one is the price seems a little high and two the screen is small and while driving you will have a very difficult time utilizing the touch screen. It's hard enough with a double din touch screen much less one half the size. Good luck though.
  12. Thanks, and yes the doors are gutted ready for paint. Why did you reverse the inner mounting brackets? I know there is a square reinforcement in the way but it seems like the bracket will fit into it. I'll have to double check. I am not going to use the power option since I am not wired for power.
  13. Have you tried pulling up on the lock while trying to open the door? My 75 locks itself due to minor spring corrosion and sometimes the lock rod doesn't return to the unlock position all the way up.
  14. Any pics of an aftermarket drier with the original hard lines and high pressure switch? Also, where you got the drier or make model info. I hate to buy one and have to return it if someone know what will work.
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