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  1. Still looking for a good p90 head. Please let me know what you have.
  2. That would do as well. PM me details. Thanks
  3. Looking for a good running P90 head. Haven't fired up my Z in a while and I'm really missing driving the lady. Please help! Let me know what you have. Send me best price shipped to 85248 Thanks!
  4. Looking for all parts to convert my hydraulic lifter P90a head to solid lifters. Please let me know best price shipped to 85392 (az)
  5. Slowpoke, any update on those pics? I'm really considering going this route. I'm tired of dealing with an old harness and ecm.
  6. +1 on the z31 harness. I'm currently running a jwt 450 ecu and would like to nistune it to make my own maps.
  7. I've tried all... Operating this manually and had no luck. I've started drilling into the mechanism to see if I can release/reset the "hook" manually, but had no luck. To this point, if someone can tell me what to destroy in order for it to release, so I can open the door and replace. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks for the response NewZed. My Z is a 78 2+2. The handles and rods operate fine, it's the lock release that doesn't operate properly thus not allow the latching mechanism to release and open the door. When unlocking the mechanism, the lock doesn't seem to be fully disengaged and when operating any handle, it felt jammed and hard. After my friend blew the spring that helps the latch release (idiot), I applied heat to the area where the lock mechanism is (hard white nylon?) and it now moves, it now allows the handles to operate "freely" when unlocked, but still doesn't release the latc
  9. Panel is off. slim jym will not work, so. manually operating the release will not work. I even drilled a hole by were the spring is attached and I can't operate it manually
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm in need of some help. A few weeks ago, my driver side door quit working. The door latching mechanism somehow stopped fully releasing the lock and the now is now stuck shut. I was able to apply some heat in the lock release are, but my good friend who supposedly knew what he was doing, released one of the winding Springs that allows the latch lock to retract when the handle is pulled. I now have a replacement and was wondering if anyone knows how I can release the door latching mechanism to open the door and replace it? Thanks in advance!
  11. I just recently completed the z31 ecu and cobra maf setting for the jwt 450 setup, and I installed a maxima alternator with some modification. The voltage is steady and it's pretty good. At first, the car was running great and after I took it for a second drive, now the car won't Rev passed 3k rpm. It's like having a fuel cut off, leaning it out and dropping on its face... But all in all, I do recommend you get a later alternator and install so everything gets proper voltage.
  12. Awesome. I'll shoot you an email. Thanks!
  13. Looking for an 11mm o ring fuel rail for my supra injectors. Please let me know what you have. Thanks
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