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  1. That looks surprisingly mint dude! Good luck. I hope everything goes well for you.
  2. Non-Flared Master Race checking in. Racing Hart C2, 17x7 +38. 38mm Ichiba spacers Federal 21545/r17 No scrape/No rub.
  3. Hey, Sorry to resurrect an old thread. Recently, I had the same issue with my 260z /L28et/MS2 v3 board setup with low z injectors. My voltage was spiking and dropping for .2-.3 seconds at random intervals. The fix was just what OP did, I installed a similar .22uf Capacitor at the H1 port (boot header) next to the daughter board on the ecu. Now my voltage is flawless, and I cannot be happier.
  4. post a new vid of the dohc z dude! start making heads now that you have that CNC cert and sell'em
  5. Hey Skate^ i appreciate that man! BTW, tow bars on a mod list are a must have haha. i'm looking into it now, and i agree that it seems they modded their own front fenders. ((Custom "one-of" over fender) Thanks brotha!
  6. thanks for the share man, that car is nuts! I concur with your findings as well. the more i look at the Yellow Z's front fenders, the more they just look like rear ZG flares just modded. Any one else have any insight?
  7. Hey all, Recently i came across This yellow Z on Facebook, (Belongs to Classic Garage Co. Ltd. in Fukuoka Japan) and I can't figure out what fender flares (overfenders) it has. I've been going mad searching trying to figure out. the fronts are more than likely custom and as for the rears, they seem to be some G-nose kit flares. i'm more than likely wrong though. Wasabicars on Youtube covered the shop very quickly, and the first Z he does is the yellow one. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG4nCY3UOcc&feature=youtu.be here is Classic Garage's link to it http://w
  8. This is relative to my interests! interior looks great so far and good luck with your build sir. hopefully the rust isn't too substantial.
  9. That looks awesome man! This makes me even more interested in these gauges.
  10. ok, here i go. PCV not installed: i ruined my turbo oil seals and started leaking oil out my rear main seal. PCV installed: everything is fine.
  11. REALLY. way to rape my thread **** stain. DELETE TOPIC.
  12. Gentleman, First off, thanks for viewing the thread. Right, Like stated in the topic description, the L28et i built last year (for my 74 260z) is burning oil. In only 13 days, JCCS in Southern California is going on and I'm still planning on attending w/ the Z Anyway! (It's all my fault, but hey, we have to learn...or research, which i failed to do) When i hooked up my oil catch can, (from crank case to catch can, back to intake) i did not reinstall the PCV valve on the intake. Thus caused excessive oil pressure. Which in turn, ruined my turbo seals (had to rebuild th
  13. WOW man this is beautiful! please tell me you will be at JCCS in long beach on sept 15 this year?
  14. This is one of the best threads ive read. I love every bit of information/link/pictures that is given from all parties! reguardless of the money i have in my heavily rebuilt L28et with a z32 trans in my 260z, the the JZ engines sure have sparked my interest recently! thanks for an awesome thread!!!
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