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  1. Oh okay! Makes sense. So on that note.. if I have my ac on full blast and I’m idling at a stop light. My Zs will drop idle so low that it stall out. I’m thinking that could be the stalling out issue.
  2. Ohh okay! That makes sense.
  3. Thank you for the input. It is the bottom regulator. I’ve noticed one of the lines was taken off and plugged. It led me to wonder if it was bad. What is the F.I.C.D?! Thank you!
  4. I got redirected. Same question though. Anyone know what the name of this is? I know it’s a pressure regulator but can’t seem to find an exact match anywhere. Thank you!
  5. Anyone know what the name for this is?! I know it’s a pressure regulator, but can’t seem to find the exact one. Any input is appreciated, thank you!
  6. Understood thank you. I will give it a couple weeks and drive and put miles on it. And if the rear is still not to my liking. Can I get away with replacing the rear insulators and install front insulators on the rear , or will they not fit correctly?!
  7. Thank you. I took out the jack stands and I put the weight of the car on the suspension. The front springs no longer move around and are no sloppy.. It definitely lowered my car. The rear end is definitely a little higher than in the front. Maybe the spring and shocks need broken in??? But I will post some after pics. FYI car is very dusty. Been torn apart in the garage for awhile!!!!
  8. Hello everybody, I’m new to the Z community! Quick question. I read post a few years ago but I guess I’m still kinda confused. So I have a 77 Datsun 280z. I had purchased Eibach Lowering Springs and KYB excel Gs. Eibach # 6303.002 REAR and 6303.001 FRONT. The rear suspension went very well. I did have to compress the rear springs to get the middle nut to seat. But my issue is the FRONT springs. With everything put together, I have the middle nut completely bottomed out. There is no tension on the spring and it is very loose and moves around. I even got new bump stops with bellows and made no
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