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  1. Understood thank you. I will give it a couple weeks and drive and put miles on it. And if the rear is still not to my liking. Can I get away with replacing the rear insulators and install front insulators on the rear , or will they not fit correctly?!
  2. Thank you. I took out the jack stands and I put the weight of the car on the suspension. The front springs no longer move around and are no sloppy.. It definitely lowered my car. The rear end is definitely a little higher than in the front. Maybe the spring and shocks need broken in??? But I will post some after pics. FYI car is very dusty. Been torn apart in the garage for awhile!!!!
  3. Hello everybody, I’m new to the Z community! Quick question. I read post a few years ago but I guess I’m still kinda confused. So I have a 77 Datsun 280z. I had purchased Eibach Lowering Springs and KYB excel Gs. Eibach # 6303.002 REAR and 6303.001 FRONT. The rear suspension went very well. I did have to compress the rear springs to get the middle nut to seat. But my issue is the FRONT springs. With everything put together, I have the middle nut completely bottomed out. There is no tension on the spring and it is very loose and moves around. I even got new bump stops with bellows and made no
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