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  1. You posted a question about MS Maps in the FAQ Forum. You will not get any replies to thta thread as it is a LOCKED Forum. People cannot reply to that Forum.


    Delete that thread and re-post in EMS> Megasquirt Forum. BTW, check your messages. I sent you a PM. 

    1. FukuZ


      I thought I did something funky when I couldn't see it, thanks

  2. I have megasquirt 2 extra on my 280z and was wondering if any one could share their fuel and enrichment tables with me. I have my ignition settings in but cant seem to get fuel nailed down. Ive tried using the turbo tables listed in the sharing topic as a hopeful starting point but that has not worked out. I realize that im going to have to get it tuned but it has suggested to me to get idle dialed in first, which i have not been able to attain a steady idle, somedays its good some days its bad. Im using stock injectors, AEM wideband, AEM adjustable FPR, EDIS 6 coil pack running wasted spark,
  3. It means exactly what it sounds like. The car has been a constant struggle like it was constantly saying F$&@ you and thus FukuZ was born lol
  4. Hey i own a 1976 280z that currently has the stock l28 in it. Im using megasquirt to run it and so far so good. Anyways walking through a local junk yard today i found a wrecked skyline with a intact RB20DET. Now i was going to build a L28ET as i have a extra motor and most of the parts but as the junk yard is selling the motor for $245 i figure the deal is to good to pass up. Now obviously i plan on rebuilding the RB but i have a few questions, and i have been using the search function but im still not clear. 1) Is this a worth while swap or am i better off sticking with the L? 2) Mot
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