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  1. Nope. didn't need any shims with the viper TOB to LS7 clutch and flywheel. I didn't notice your other questions either until now but I just ordered a bellhousing and input shaft by looking them up as a 2001 v8 camaro.
  2. The three slave cylinders pictured Left to right are ls1, ls7, and viper. I just reused the viper one because the bolts lined up with the viper t56 faceplate and it was the same measurements compressed and extended as the ls7 slave cylinder. The hardest part is getting the input shaft in. I paid bob hanlon motorsports to do it. You also need a shifter, I believe the viper one is offset left and forward. I used an mgw shifter for the adjustability and had to cut a new hole in my trans tunnel.
  3. I used a viper t56 in my datsun. I’m not sure about differences in year (my t56 was out of a 98 viper) but I had to get an ls input shaft and bellhousing. The throw out bearing retainer has the 2 holes clocked differently too, but I think I just reused a viper one because I don’t remember drilling any holes in mine. I used an ls7 clutch kit.
  4. this is my setup griffin part# 2-56135-X it cools wonderfully like this with no shroud and a small fan I pulled from what I think was a Kia Optima at a junkyard. high 90 degree days in traffic I never saw over 215f coolant temp. I think the 2 factory vents on my 280z hood really help extract heat from the engine bay.
  5. I used the dirtydingo mount kit with mine. No complaints. It bolted right up and I didn’t have to modify anything, but, I had forward facing manifolds for the turbo. It says in the description something about modifying the steering. https://www.dirtydingo.com/shop/mobile_product_info.php?cPath=1839&products_id=1430
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