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  1. If started the car seems to not be getting fluid. Started but instantly dies out, using starter fluid will keep it running so I know the engine itself is good. Have you heard of ECM's going out and causing the injectors not to fire? Could the timing play a factor... I just feel it is maybe injectors because when I give the car gas and crank the fuel rail rubber hoses begin to expand (full of fuel).
  2. @rossman 1977 280z. Stock l28 other than cold air, and header. The car was previously running strong, drove It for 5 hours down south. It sat because registration expired, did fire up and drive but after a recent move would not stay started. Sprayed started fluid into the manifold and if stayed running until it dried out. The fuel rail does have fuel but I'm believing it is a fuel delivery issue, car does have new pump and new filters. I do not have a voltmeter to see if the injectors are getting 12v, though the car was running strong before. I have looked on the forum, I guess I'm not as good as you guys when it comes to "google". I did see the beginners tab and looked there and will test. Really looking for similarities and suggestions, I appreciate it.
  3. I also just saw the tag "New owners read this". I would still appreciate any input from the community.
  4. I am looking go find suggestions on diag for a fuel issue with my 1977 280z. It's as if all 6 injectors are clogged (though highly unlikely). I have fuel pressure at the rail but I was thinking that the BCM could be the most viable answer (not commanding the injectors to fire) I have spark at every cylinder new pump and filters. Seasoned S30 mechanics any suggestions?? I don't have a lot of diag experience and appreciate any input (except the negative BS).
  5. @rossman Sorry for the apparent "attitude". As I said before I don't know the steps and therefore now I understand where y'all "Vets" stand and what I need to do. Also if patience runs so thin it's as easy as continuing to scroll instead of trying to help but in the end the patience isn't there. Appreciate your insight buddy. Thanks.
  6. Everyone starts somewhere. The things I know, I taught myself. I just recently picked up the car! It's not like knowledge is gained in a day. I will continue my research thanks for your time.
  7. It's has the traits of that with heat soak but sometimes it goes beyond that and it goes over board. Well if it's just an over heating problem what would I do?
  8. When I park the car i leave the fan on to help the engine cool down but it only gets hotter while I'm not in the vehicle. The car continues to overheat as I'm driving and it will start to bog out to where it interferes and I am not able to give the car gas. I will be parked on the side of the highway for 10-15 (sometimes more) until it cools down and then I'm able to start it and leave .
  9. 1977 280z, L28 5 speed. Well basically heat soaked would be the definition, you broke it down perfectly. Sometimes it will have a hard time starting but it takes quite a long time before I'm able to move the heated fuel out and get fresh fuel to the engine. I just wanna make it more reliable and eliminate that factor. Sorry for any confusion.
  10. @NewZed Sorry for the confusing words, I was busy earlier but also wanted to reply so you know I'm interested. I was referring to the fact that Pallnet may have different choices. I'm new to the Z world and learning slowly but I'm trying lol. So if the regulator is holding pressure now, then technically I would be able to use it with the new fuel rail right? @Neverdone Honestly, I can't tell you. This is me troubleshooting as best to my ability, I had a buddy (whom I acquired the car from) and he was the one informing me that the fuel was becoming to hot and I went from there. When I'm driving the car of the highway it seems as if the heat isn't really escaping when the engine is off and it just constantly stays hot. If I keep driving the car will start to bog out at higher rpms , and then eventually comes to a complete halt. I sit for say 10-15 minutes and it's cool enough to be driven.
  11. Thanks for the reply, do you have any suggestions? And also if I am going to upgrade the fuel rail would you recommend upgrade the regulator
  12. How's it goin? Well I have an issue with my 1977 280z 2+2, stock everything. I have run into the issue of the fuel becoming too hot and I just wanna know what others with the same or in the same general area. Any info/suggestions much appreciated!
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