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  1. I am kinda partial to this color...I had a Miata this color, and think I am buying this tomorrow....
  2. I have 3 blue's that are awesome... GM - Electron Blue, was used on Corvettes GM - Indigo Blue, this is a GM color, but My Wife's Mountaineer is painted that color. Ford - Sonic Blue, was used on Rangers, and Focus's.
  3. I personally wouldnt be too worried about the roof. Man 3 different Z's. You are too lucky. New Mexico must have a plethora of Z, or is it ZZZZZZZ...HA It has taken a month for me to find 3 Z's here in GA. Have fun... Damon
  4. Pharohabq - I understand what you mean of all of the nuts & bolts, having restored a truck for my son (his first vehicle). Tracking down that stuff can be time consuming & add up to substantial money, quickly. My budget for this project is about $8k over the next 18 months. The bonus is I will be doing all of the work myself, and will concentrate on one area at a time, and keep the 'while I'm at it' syndrome to a minimum. I do so much appreciate the information on this site. I was a member here started in 2000, but that account got deactivated from inactivity. So I am back again. Too stay this time around... Damon
  5. Pharoh, The guy wants $1500, with the interior missing, I feel that that is too high. If he has the dash, regardless of condition I will start offer at $1K. If no dash, that number obviously goes down, as dashboards are going at a premium...more than the car would cost at purchase. I still have yet to find my JTR book, I know I had one, just havent seen it since we lived in Orlando. I am planning on doing SB Chevy, with 5sp, would like a 6 speed, just not sure how much $$$ to throw at that item. I am going to have to do some research and brush up on all of the little components to put this back together. I am planning on taking it down further. My plans are as follows: Take suspension apart, all new bushings at least, Shocks, but would really like to do coilovers. Brakes, Disks all around, Probably do the 'yota calipers up front. Still have to investigate and see what is most cost efficient for the rears. Intend to do sub-frame connectors, either like Pete Peraska has on his 'Altered Z' or big dog... Stitch weld entire unibody Undercoat, Perhaps Rhinolining, Lizard Skin, etc. Do both Exterior Underbody, and Interior. New Wiring throughout, Painless? Must do research New Interior, Guages, etc. ZG Flares, I really like the CF ones Wheels, Tires, but that is some ways off as of now. I guess that about covers everything, I really dont want to get sidetracked, and knowing me I will probably work up a schedule and timeline...May use Primavera, determine a critical path, in order to stay on track. But that is just me.... Life is getting better & better.... Damon
  6. Bonus....He is only about 30 min from the house...I do believe I have found a car. Seriously if it is as clean as it looks I am all over it. Trying to swing a deal with a co-worker on his 327 to go in it as well... Life is Great! Damon
  7. HA SUCCESS!!! That was too easy...If only I had read the whole thing... There only appears to be surface rust inside the cabin. This is an easy fix. I am going to make the guy an offer on it though
  8. Well he is asking $1500, was gonna try to pick it up for $1000...maybe $1250, either way from what has been around here for alot more, this is quite a find...
  9. Oh I am fully aware, I have restored several different vehicles, and can do the body work, though It isnt too fun...I do plan on checking it thoroughly. The person that has it now was planning an RB26 swap, but has run out of time... I would love to do an L28ET as I believe it would be easier (slightly) than a V8, I have a JTR book, just need to find it...if I go that route, and SB Chevys are cheap and easy to rebuild. I've done so many of those I believe I could do one in my sleep. All pictures provided so far look like the current owner has already done the body work. I would go through the suspension, wiring, interior, and of course engine & trans. I welcome all comments. and can post the link to more pics... Damon
  10. Here are some Links, cant figure out how to post pics....but I will SEARCH... http://i572.photobucket.com/albums/ss167/engrinstr/SSPX0416.jpg http://i572.photobucket.com/albums/ss167/engrinstr/SSPX0417.jpg http://s572.photobucket.com/albums/ss167/engrinstr/?action=view&current=SSPX0418.jpg
  11. Ok, Had to set up a photobucket acct....Anyway Here it is: [/img][/img] [/img]
  12. All, I have an opportunity to buy this car, the body looks straight, paint in decent shape, the seller has the interior parts, the important ones anyway...But there is NO ENGINE or TRANS... I consider that a bonus as I was planning on going through the entire car anyway. Still unsure if I am going to go V8, or L28ET...But I have time to decide that. I have been looking for a 240 for about 3 months, and this is the cleanest that I have come across within about a 500 mile radius, that is within my price range. Please leave your thoughts... Damon
  13. Tony, In the past I have had good luck by inserting a wooden dowel, large enough that it wont break into either the intake / exhaust ports, and using the additional leverage pry the head loose. This way you will not mar the machined surface of the head. Good Luck! Damon
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