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  1. Were Baaaaaack! Well this car is officially mine now. Justin has taken over the Ford V8 car. My plans for this is to work on installing the IMSA widebody kit this winter. And do other body work. Next spring start working on a custom interior. The primary focus will be on the custom made dash. Smack dab in the upper middle of the dash will be a mounted tablet PC, wireless, GPS, Movies and Music and a 2TB hard drive mounted somewhere in the dash. The rest of the dash and center console will flow from that. As to wheels and tires I am thinking on the following. REAR Wheel - http://www.summitracing.com/parts/BSP-RS035146145N/ $379.95 15x14 -76 2 each $759.9 Tire - http://www.summitracing.com/parts/MTT-6642/ $321.90 29x15R15 2 each $643.8 FRONT Wheel - http://www.summitracing.com/parts/BSP-RS035106135N/ $259.95 15x10 -51 2 each $519.90 Tire - http://www.summitracing.com/parts/MTT-6641/ $242.06 28x12R15 $484.12 Total = $2407.72
  2. LanceVance Thats it! Your awsome! I forgot I had posted on it. Almost 3 years ago. Book marked now. Thanks.
  3. Hey all, I am Looking for a post, A guy was welding a panel cut from a Datsun pickup tailgate under his rear bumper. I have one of these tailgates and want to do the same thing. I have looked everywhere but can't find the thread. Does anuone have this bookmarked? Thanks for any help.
  4. Great looking car!!! PS, Thank You for serving our country! USAF Ret 240Z8_Dad
  5. Hmmm. Cousin Guido + Louisville Slugger = Justice
  6. Just found out today that the car was bought by the previous owner 17 years ago in 1993. It had the 302/ 5-speed then. So we are dealing with a swap thats over 17 years old. We have already talked about redoing the motormounts sometime soon. We like the mount/crossmember at http://www.technoversions.com/MotorMatchHome.html, Most likely make our own from his plans. Got the new water pump today along with new thermostat and hoses. We shall put them on tomorrow.
  7. Justin got the car started Tuesday. Was running ok (a little rough) though. It just needs a little tlc and adjusting of the holley 600 we borrowed from the SBC build. After a few minutes of running it looks like the water pump blew. Water everywhere! What do you expect from a car that sat for 8 years? lol Minor setback though. We will replace what blew and have it running by the weekend. Hopefully post a video so you all can hear it running. Also we will try and get info and pics of the hydraulic clutch setup for you.
  8. Hey Kinser, Good find. I just pulled up the address in google earth. 4501 East 4 Ridge Road, Antonia, MO, Trying to see his lot. Can't seem to fid it. Nothing looks like the pictures you provided. Maybe you could upload google earth or go to maps.google.com and look. Look at attachment to what google earth pulled up.
  9. The best thing about this powdercoat job. FREE. What is happening is called Bartering. I am going to do some computer repair and Website design and teaching for some powdercoating work. Got to love the Bartering world! We most likely will be getting the suspension parts powdercoated also. Who knows what else.
  10. I Agree. I had a friend back when I was in High School. Ya, back in the OLD Days of 1977. He welded his rear end of his Mustang. It was great for straight line racing but it sucked on the street. Going around corners all you hear is the ScReAcH of your tires trying to go around the corner. on this idea!
  11. Do you have any better shots of the rear tires, side view and from the rear?
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