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  1. I already know how I will lower the car properly and keep good geometry. I just need to finish up this crossmember design first. Then I can focus on the suspension side of things. I just don't want to blindly move pickup points as a band-aid solution. This is why I have decided to retain the stock pickup points in my crossmember. It is a safe reference point. I will provide more information on these designs as I get to them.
  2. You are right. Once you change one thing, it affects others. It will take some time before I release a crossmember with geometry changes because I want the car to handle as good as stock, if not better. There are lot of options for how you want a car to handle, so I need to be diligent and make sure what I am putting out is safe. One thing for sure is that there will not be slotted holes everywhere. This choose your own adventure method is dangerous in my eyes. I aim to create a system that offers the same handling characteristics at different ride heights, so no matter if you want a sto
  3. I have tried using stock VQ engine mounts when I first started working on the purple car above. It is really a bad packaging. I can post some pictures of what it looked like, but didn't allow a lot of room for steering and exhaust. The mounts we use have been on the purple car above for around 2 years now. The car is daily driven and it really does not have a vibration problem. The mounts we use are thicker and wider than most, so they have a lot of contact area. Having said that, if you wanted more flex in your motor mounts, there are things you can do to achieve that. One being drilli
  4. We made sure that our steering rack mounts are in the OEM location so the geometry is the same as stock. We also kept the lower control arm pick up point in the stock location, so the roll center is the same as stock. That is a good question though, because a lot of products on the market don't take the suspension geometry into account. In the near future, we will be putting the stock geometry in CAD and then we can play around with the pick up points for the lower control arm and steering rack allowing us to lower the car, but achieve proper bump steer and roll centers without using band-a
  5. Hi, my name is Zachary Mallin. I have a shop called ZSM Custom. A few years ago I built a 1973 240z. My client wanted to build the car into a daily driver. Anyway, we landed on the idea of installing a VQ35de from a 350z. The motor and transmission mounts were all hand fabricated from scratch, but I have since designed a crossmember that bolts right in. I designed it in CAD and have been going through a pretty strenuous R&D process over the last couple years. At this point, the crossmember is finished and I already have another VQ that is getting swapped into a 260z. I thought I wo
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