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  1. Definitley bookmarking this thread! Im in NY and I was originally planning on doing a KA 280 but have since started a 2j Z31 this summer. How are you liking the AEM ecu? Im thinking about running the V2.
  2. I've heard good things about that cradle but I can't seem to find it anywhere? Did Vildini close down? And give me a heads up when you do because I'd be interested in maybe purchasing?
  3. Thats what I was thinking I'd have to do, seemed too good to be true to use stock mounts lol. Did you fab your own motor mounts as well then?
  4. Hi I'm currently researching swapping a KA24DE along with the KA 5 speed trans into my 280z and have questions regarding mounting. I plan on running this setup due to a turbo build planned. I've read the trans is able to be mounted via the stock mounts but I've also seen that its not possible and would like an answer to the debate. Im also planning on using McKinney motor mounts and was curious if anybody has any experience with them and what they think of them? Also, I've heard I may need a custom driveshaft and was wondering if that was true or not. I've read on a forum previous that I won't need to but I'd like to know if I need a custom one before I do the swap.
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