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  1. For what its worth, back when I was running the R200 open diff in my Z31 was making 480 lbs tq and I ran it for 4+ years street and track use without issue. My Z31 weighs 2800 lbs (still full interior) and this was always with Mickey Thompson MT Streets out back. I now run the R200 LSD just to help with traction.
  2. Steve, I remember your dyno, it seemed to be a bit rich where it was sputtering. I remember seeing some black smoke too. Have you pulled the plugs since the dyno? You'll be glad you ordered a wideband. Once you have one its hard imagining driving/tuning a modified car without one. You're literally driving blind.
  3. It was good talking with you Mark right before the awards were handed out. That sucks about the map...your RB car looked fantastic as always. Looking forward to hearing updates on this one once its running again.
  4. However, one advantage this swap does have is it is far more budget friendly than virtually any other V series swap. Z31 parts are all relatively cheap in comparison to other models and are quite plentiful due to high production numbers. The VG30 now has proven to be nearly just as strong internally as the other options and fits physically in an S30 with ease. Minor fab work required, low cost of entry for parts, high availability, and now an somewhat of an aftermarket that didn't exist back in 2000, all should equate to this swap mmaking a lot of sense for many.
  5. Sounds like fun. We have a 1/2 mile event coming up in may here in Texas. Looking to attend.
  6. The L28 is most certainly capable. If your still considering swapping engines, you would be far more "period correct" as well as staying in the family if you used a VG30 which is more than capable of meeting your goals. I apologize if I missed it somewhere, but what fuel are you expecting to run? I'm assuming E85?
  7. Very cool man. How do the 360's respond to the bolt ons and TCU upgrade? Mostly sound changes or good horsepower gains as well? Love the S30 too.
  8. Not to sidetrack the thread as I hope this contributes to the OP, but Xnke why would you make an arbitrary claim such as: "I will state that you need less than 28lbs of boost to make 700hp." This is entirely depending on MANY factors. Most importantly the turbo size. A stock T3 from an L28ET @ 28 lbs most certainly will never make 700HP. If it even achieves 28lbs without disentegrating. However, an 78MM will make MUCH more than 700HP @ 28 lbs. This is just 1 of many factors.
  9. I'm sorry but you do not need to build a "350 HP NA engine" to achieve 700HP in turbo applications. You do need to build/prep the engine accordingly. What you DO need to do, and this is by far the most important factor, is size your turbo properly. Is this going to be a drag car? Road course car? Street car?
  10. To be blunt, there are some people in this world that just "never get it." First of all, the dyno you used for both engines was a Dyno Dynamics. A 60 second Google search will yield that Dyno Dynamic dynos read on average 10-12% LOWER than a Dynojet. If you have any experience or knowledge of comparing dyno figures, you would know that no two dynos are equal. There's always a margin of error, change, etc. It's SIMPLY a tool. Having said that, your VG33 made 357 RWHP on a Dyno Dynamics which if we add on the conservative side 10%, that's 394 RWHP. Essentially, right at your goal of 400. My first question (among many), is why would you spend some unknown amount of money to have an engine professionally built, install, and tuned only to have not done the proper research before hand? Secondly, What is with this random arbitrary number of 15 psi? Why not 16 psi? Why not 14? The reason you turbocharge an engine is to add the amount of power you want. You're in control of the power it puts down based off the setup. So let me get this straight...You SUED your engine builder because the engine didn't make xxx power at someone else's control of the setup? All I can say is WOW and I feel sorry that guy... It's humorous to me you claim to be "obsessed" with the VG30ET yet not only did you have someone else who doesn't specialize in the engine or car build/tune it, you come here AFTER the fact looking for answers and information. I guess we should hand all 16 year olds the keys and tell them to go take their drivers test after they get into a wreck.
  11. Very excited to see this car running finally. I remember seeing it at ZCON and Nismo Fiesta in the past. It appears this time its a running car. One of the most exciting s30 cars I've ever seen or heard of being built. Anxious to see how your time and hard work building this car translates to real world numbers.
  12. Stock 86T bottom end (custom divoted pistons from Branson 2010 ) Stock MAF Stock Ignition Coil Mildy ported heads Schneider 274 Cams Gutted Plenum Plenum spacer 60MM TB 2.5" IC Piping Godspeed 3" Intercooler Tial 38MM Wastegate 860CC Injectors 2x Walbro 255 -6 AN fuel lines E85 StreetFighter Tubular Manifolds Precision 6262 3" downpipe NIStune PRW-2
  13. Had StreetFighter (2JZ Z31 300ZX) build me custom manifolds a couple years ago. Here's how it turned out: Installed all new fuel system: Took it to the dyno last Tuesday: And so far it looks like I have the record for most power on a stock bottom end VG30. 545 RWHP and 540 RWTQ
  14. Here's a link to my dynograph from 2008: Oh and my car is the car RedBeauty84zx posted.
  15. I don't mean to insult anyone personally, but this thread is absolutely RAMPANT with IGNORANCE. It's simply appalling to me that someone could consider themselves "obsessed" yet know so little and assume so much. Let me educate you: Back in 2008 I made 364 RWHP and 480 RWTQ on an internally bone stock VG30ET. The motor at the time had ~200K miles. This is a 3.0 with 7.8:1 compression. I used a small 50 Trim T3/T4 @ 24 lbs hence the large amount of torque. You can see my dyno here: http://web.archive.org/web/20110717195602/http://www.vg30et.com/members/mattwiedower.html If you look here: http://web.archive.org/web/20120220074716/http://www.vg30et.com/members.html You'll see a number of people who have achieved over 350 RWHP on the SOHC VG30. Almost all have done this on stock OE short blocks. As you can see, several have achieved and surpassed even 450 RWHP. Almost all of these were done on old, inefficient, inferior turbos to what's available today. As of right now, I'm currently running a Precision Bill 6262 using THE SAME bottom end I made 364 rwhp back in 2008, now combined with very lightly ported heads and Schneider 274 Cams. I expect to dyno within the next ~30 days and I won't be driving off the dyno with less than 500 RWHP. Another prime example is Rick88SS who put down 525 RWHP on a bone stock NA VG30E simply with a 6262 Turbo and Isky cams. His dyno is here: There are a number of people who have FAR surpassed Rick's numbers, I only posted this to show how easy and simple it was to break 500 RWHP. I can post dynos and cars of up to 700+ RWHP on VG30E SOHC Z31's. The biggest factor in determining the desired power goals will ALWAYS be exactly which turbo you use. Using old, inefficient, and often times undersized turbos will always limit the power regardless of how well any engine or set of heads flow. *EDIT* Please excuse the links, the main site has been down for a long time and looks like Web Archive is recently down. I'll update with my own hosted images and information.
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