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  1. Do you have interior parts still?
  2. Not sure what it is called but the center vent piece that connects the two hoses together behind the center vent console? it is pictured with the other vents. Price plus ship to Utah 84314
  3. Thanks for your input, I purchased one from a member here and it fit just great!! I have now been able to hook up all the hoses and wires and have fuel in the injectors, but no start. It has a new aftermarket pump, which i can hear pumping and i have flow out of the new fuel filter when i pulled the hose and one of the injector hose clamps wasnt tight and it leaked until i tightened it. so i think fuel is there. It is frustrating but not yet discouraging. I have been reading other posts and I think I know what I need to do next. I believe it is spark or timing, I will test it out and let you g
  4. Would you sell the rear hatch emblems separate? Ship to Utah 84314 Steering wheel oem? Oem Shift Knob? Thanks!
  5. What is the oem size for a "77 280z? I need one so if 8mm fits my "77 , I would be interested. Send pics!! Thanks!
  6. Any chance the steering wheel, door panels and interior panels still available? Email me at ecoturf@hotmail.com with pics. Thanks!!!
  7. I have a 1977 280z barn find that came with out a fuel rail, all I can find to replace are 1979-1983 fuel rails, does anyone know if they are compatible or at least easy process to make it fit?They look similar but wary to make the jump. Thanks for your time ansd help!!
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