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  1. julianaray

    Extra holes in door for speakers

    Did you do proper measurement when you did these holes? I am thinking to do these extra holes to setup better speakers in my car.
  2. julianaray


    It looks like a great job done wisely. Very impressive and looks perfect.
  3. Hello there, I am very much upset today. I was cleaning my car today and unfortunately I placed a can of engine oil inside my car Toyota Supra. On my seat few of those oil dropped and now I can see a round dark spot it. This is my favorite car which I bought when Toyota Supra For sale. Now I tried to wash those seats with washing powder but still I can see the spot. Can you suggest me what other thing I can do to get rid from it?
  4. julianaray

    Rear disc brake help

    This is similar to Maxima caliper, try with it.
  5. julianaray

    Does anyone know this kit?

    370Z 🤔
  6. julianaray


    Hello Everyone, I am new in the forum and hopefully I will have great time with all of you here. Thank you in advance.