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  1. Thanks guys I gonna be taking apart the car anyway so I'm gonna lift it up and see if I can get the sound on a lift.
  2. I don't know if someone whos has done more than change the coolant out (me), knows the issue and can help. I am still green to owning the z and it's problems. And the noise only during acceleration is a condition I'm not 100 percent on pinpointing.
  3. The higher pitch is me blipping the throttle. When coasting it's quite and on acceleration where the engine is actually pushing i.e. going down hill faster than gravity, it has this whine. The last transmission flush had an inch of shavings on the magnetic drian plug. I have a 4 speed 260z and a unknown welded diff. Plans to swap out to spare open diff. and swap in a 5 speed 240sx transmission. Any info on that swap would be helpful to have!!! PS 75mph is actually 60mph
  4. I'm about to start watching your videos, I'm glad there is one more 260z getting some work done and put back on the road.
  5. I have a dual Weber setup. I originally thought I just had a exhaust leak but im sure the intake is leaking too. The gaskets should be here this week I'll update when I get everything back together.
  6. This is my first carburetor car and I am still getting rid of the intake and exhaust leak from the rear cylinders with a gasket I ordered. My issue now is the car runs fine at idle, but the second you take it down the road and try to get it moving the carbs seems to run out of fuel inside the bowl. My 260z has a filter athe bottom of the tank to electric pump, up the body to the engine bay into large cannister filter to vacuum mechanical fuel pump to dual Weber carbs. The 3-5 psi required by carbs I easy for the newish pump under the car now. I am thinking that the mechanical fuel pump cannister in the engine bay of my 260z should be bypassed by the electrical pump I have near the gas tank. I believe the fuel delivery is my issue with a engine that can be running the suddenly die after burning a bit of gas with a longer rev. When I'm able to I'll try to see if I can pressure test the system and see if it's better to bypass.
  7. My car is the same Brown I have to say I like the white much better. I'm about to wrap the roof of my daily hb so this is getting me interested in wrapping my z.
  8. I was looking around and only found wallpapers and Pinterest with absolutely no info on the thing. The background seems to be a stock green screen background so I'm thinking a Photoshop car.... But who made it and from what cars?
  9. it a 240z on the net which isnt very credible i believe its was in a hybridz forum the said that the one side was two inch higher which i find weird
  10. im pretty new to cars just started last year. initiated by the love for a z car in a junk yard nearby. and been slow working away from learning about engines and stuff but what i want to know is why the lateral g's on a car are different from right to left the datsun has a max .72 g right and a .77 g left why is that and also why are the front suspenion arm lengths different?
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