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  1. Thank you! Great thread so far! Excited to see how it continues to come along!
  2. Not to be a hater but it's been another three years. What's the update on the 70 240z race car?? Also awesome parts list! Much appreciated!
  3. Thank you both for the response. I appreciate the help identifying what I've bought and the thread link.
  4. Hey y'all, I need some clarification. From what I've read in various forums and conversations & a few google searches. Datsun utilized 2 or 3 versions of the 5 speed for the 280z. Again, from what I've read. It seems as though the later 80-83 version is the more desirable due to it being a close ratio gearbox compared to the earlier versions. And from what I can tell, it doesn't seem as though there is any identification numbers stamped on the transmission. I did read that if the 5 speed has one hanger at the tail end then it's the more desirable version compared to the earlier version which would have two hangers/forks? There was a 4204C label stamped on it, not that this probably helps. If anyone can tell me which version of the 5 Speed I bought, I'd appreciate it. Did anything that I mentioned above seem to be completely wrong? Thank you in advance!
  5. Welcome, Looking for a 5 speed trans somewhere in the Minnesota / North Dakota area. I would prefer to come pick up the trans but would be willing to ship if the price is right. Let me know what you have!
  6. I'll probably have Datsun Spirit do a stage 2 STR L28 long block for me. And then I'll assemble all the other external parts and pieces. Then after I have a running driving 240. I'll start my L24 in my spare time to learn internals from.
  7. I'll check out that other forums! Thanks. I've noticed, especially with the L24. People just throw it out the door. And I can't count how many threads I read where someone was building one. And every comment was to abandon the L24 and their build ideas. Seems everyone is stuck on needing to go turbo. Yeah, so that was kind of the idea. I think I'll probably go with an L28 built by Datsun Spirit and after I get that all sorted out. I'll probably do a stock rebuild on the L24 in my garage as a learning tool. And then keep it stored away.
  8. Absolutely, anything else just feels wrong. What is CZCC short for? My search results came back with some odd sites lol. I'll probably be making another post and laying out an actual build idea. And seeing what people say about that rather than what I started with here. I've noticed the wealth of information is incredible. So I tried to keep my L24, but I live in Minneapolis and it doesn't seem any shops know a whole lot about rebuilding an L series other than a quote of $5000 for a stock rebuild. So, if I could find someone who would that was also close to me. I'd definitely try to keep the L24. Also nice car. Sounds great.
  9. I'm well aware of both Rebello and Datsun Spirit. But thanks anyways.
  10. NO, RB would be my last choice. It's a 73, it's going to stay an NA L series like it was meant to be.
  11. Thank you Miles for the suggestions. I actually have the FSM in really good condition and have been reading through it. I have been bookmarking forums snipping certain section that will hopefully be useful. Obviously the forums have a lot of information and it makes things daunting, thus the original post. But I appreciate the input. Thank you for the heads up! I have since done some research into reviews of the company and don't think I will be buying from them anytime soon. I have certainly heard and checked out Rebello's and Datsun Spirits websites before and will most likely be purchasing through them.
  12. I guess I didn't think that 250 hp was a high strung goal. I set that as my goal based on what I have read from other forum members and what sites like Rebello and Datsun Spirit are suggesting you could get out of an L28. And I artificially set the 350 hp number as just a range limit. I fully understand that these numbers (250HP) were artificially set and based roughly on numbers that I have seen from other forum members / L series engine builders as I have no real experience in what a 250 hp Datsun is like. Nonetheless, it's a goal that I have set. If I happen to reach 200, 220 or 240 at the end of all of this, I'll be okay with that. It's merely goal to strive for. First off thank you Leon! I fully understand questioning the goals, although to say that they are requirements is odd and I don't think I follow. Maybe my replies to the comments above clear up why I set that as a goal? Let me know if I'm missing something. Also thank you for the link to your build. Ill definitely shift through all the information there.
  13. I have checked out Rebello before. I was attempting to keep this build local, hence why I had a shop near me quote a rebuild. I also thought the quote was high. Thank you, I didn't know California Datsun was originally Datsun Parts LLC. I don't think that I will be buying from them anytime soon, given their reputation on the forums. Are you sure. I have read several posts on this forum and others that you could run 93 pump gas with 10:1 up to 12:1. Obviously not everything I read is reliable and my lack of knowledge is no help. Is there a reason why you don't believe that I could run pump gas on 11:1 Comp? I certainly don't expect you to "spoon feed me information" I felt my questions were relatively narrow. And any starting point advice you would be willing to give me would be very helpful. Regardless you certainly don't have to answer to my thread. But thanks anyways.
  14. Hello all....My name is Austin and I have so many questions! So, I'm sorry if some or most of this has been covered but there are 500+ pages of threads just talking about L28's and have not found what I'm looking for, so... I'm gonna had another! I recently acquired a 1973 Datsun 240z with the original L24 & 4speed. I had a stock long block rebuild of the L24 quoted by a shop near me, which came out to be roughly $5000 ($1700 in parts). Which is more than I want to pay for a stock rebuild (150hp maybe). So I have decided to entertain the possibility of an L28 build instead. But because I am so new to the Datsun universe / engine builds in general, it is becoming difficult to see the start point, let alone the end point of this project. I would very much like to see some (all inclusive) comments. Meaning, builds that people have done before and are happy with that include as much detail as possible. Sort of a one stop shop for people looking to build an L28. Keep in mind, I might not understand all of it. So in writing your comments, please keep them simple. I'd greatly appreciate it! 😊 The goal: * 250-350 HP * 11:1 CR ** A street performance car | Occasional track day car ** My Questions: 1: Has anyone bought from California Datsun ?? https://www.californiadatsun.com/long-block-short-block-engines/datsun-240z-280z-l28-n42-head-l28-flat-pistons-engine.html * I found this and thought this could be a good starting point for an L28 build. What are your thoughts? Anything I should be concerned about? 2: Build options! I know a lot of L28 builds are out there but lets assume that I begin with the engine listed above. What are the options to push that to 250-300 HP with 11:1 compression? Is adding compression from 10:1 to 11:1 something even worth worrying about? * Please include all details! Thank you all! I greatly appreciate it!
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