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  1. Wow. That was a lot of info. Thank you for all the advise. I think I’ll replace the wires regardless since they are so old.
  2. My Painful wiring should be coming in tomorrow. I wish i could figure this out but electric is my achilles heel. not sure what pics of the engine wiring you want to see but maybe this will shed some light IMG_1100.HEIC IMG_1506.HEIC IMG_7128.HEIC
  3. Yes...the fuses short as soon as i connect the battery. The blown fuses are usually one of the 4 wires attached to the relay. Ive been asking around for any shop that can do this but unfortunately no can or wants to. Worse case....ill install the Painful painless wires ...hopefully i can find the short(s). I check the grounds. Question......Are wires still good if the cover is intact but the actual copper inside looks burned...or do they need to be replaced? I know the connection is there but does the burn cause less connectivity thus causing potential issues? thanks again
  4. thanks. I plan on keeping the car as long as i can....not planning on doing any mods. I just want to drive the car like it was before the wires fried....=) Thanks for the input.....I just ordered the Painless wire set....BUT...Im still not giving up. I have 5 days to figure it out before the wires show up and have to start from scratch. JHM.....I may need to drop by as a last resort!!!!
  5. Thanks for the support. The car has a SBC and a T56 tranny. Im not sure how the PO did the wiring but it was a mess and sloppy which is why it burned. Does that make any difference? I almost feel like i have most of the wiring connected based on the harness connectors, but i have not idea what goes to the aftermarket fuse box and there is also a resistor. I have a 2/71 240z and bought a used harness from an older 71 based on the differences. I have the FSM but not sure if it would apply to the engine. None of my dash gauges are coming on or powering up. Is there a specific line i need to connect to power the dash? My headlight works, the flashers work and the key clicks when i turn it...however thats it. everytime i put the battery cable on , a fuse blows and its usually connected to the resistor. I dont even know what the amps should be on each changed the starter but its still the same, the battery is new. Any help is GREATLY appreciated, or if you can recommend someone that can fix it at my house...im in Northern NJ right by the NY Border.
  6. Ok. So I’m at a point where I’m ready to rip everything g out. Ive already shorted out my starter. As a novice ..would I be able to install a new harness myself? I was looking at Painless or Jegs. Is it a complete overhaul or is it cutting and connecting to new wires to fuse? They make it sound easy but wanted to get some advise. This car is a mess. I just really need to start over. I’m hoping these kits will be the savior.
  7. You’re correct. I traced the wire back and it’s from the transmission. I’m assuming reverse lights. Would you know what that black line connects to?
  8. Hi tryi g to rewire the car after it fried. I can’t seem to remember where the black and red wires coming from the starter up near the shifter. Conan someone tell me where they connect to? I believe the red is the ground but the black I’m unsure of where to connect as there is nothing for it in this harness.
  9. The ones Ive been looking at have two holes but they arent designed for screw in oil cap but ...I "think" an oil plug. Would that work? https://www.amazon.com/SPECIALTIES-POLISHED-ALUMINUM-CHEVROLET-PERMALIGN/dp/B016CKPOKW Also...I have a shorty....but is there any harm in getting a tall valve cover even though i dont need it? thanks!!
  10. I have a 71 240z that has a SBC in it. my valve covers were leaking and cracked so i wanted to replace them but ...the original covers had an oil filler cap hole and two other holes for the breather. Ive looked around for a replacement but found some that they only have 2 holes for the breather and none for the oil cap. Can I use this valve cover and just use one breather and use the other hole to put a cap plug. Do i have to get a cover with 3 holes or can i use the ones with just two with out oil cap hole thanks
  11. Looking for a Drivers side window rolling guide for a 71 240Z. The SKU: 80841-E4101. It seems NLA...everywhere i look. Does anyone know where to get?
  12. thanks all... I know this is a very heavily talked about topic. Was thinking of panasport but too $$ ....will keep reading on but in the interim I think Im going to \ stick with Rota RBR...hopefully 16x8 et 0....215/50/16
  13. I know this has been discussed in length and is all preference....BUT I have a 71 z and would like to put on new wheels. At this stage after all the review, etc....Im still not sure what the best options are. For the wheels...it will be Rota RBR or panasport (if i can find any). Theres lots of discussion between 15 and 16in......but it sounds like there are more options with 16. I dont mind 15s but i would like the wheels to fill in nicely. I have coilovers so it will be lowered. This car will be a spirited weekend driver. I dont want any issues with rubbing but yet get maximum "fill" in the wheel well. I do not want to user spacers so offset will be important also. I really need advise on : 1) which diameter is better (15 or 16) 2) Is 8in to wide? stick to 7? 3) offset ? =0? or negative? 4)tire size....Max fill without rubbing I ve heard these "may" work? I would like to have lips if possible. Would a negative ET work as well? 16x7 0ET 205/50/16 16x8 0ET 215/50/16 15x7 15x8 I know this is an over discussed topic, but if anyone had these wheels and tire sizes and can offer me the best package without rubbing and spacers...I would greatly appreciate it.
  14. I wanted to put some fatmax on the car, but if the plugs do wear then i need to cut a hole in the sound deadener for the plugs so i can change them when it rots again. there are so many plugs also!!
  15. Sorry if this has been discussed before but ....I drive a 71 240Z ......What is the purpose of the rubber plugs on the floor , trunk , etc? Water still seems to get in.. Can I just fiberglass it shut or is there another reason this needs to be accessible? thanks
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