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  1. Anyone have a picture of their trans tunnel after they clearanced it to fit the 4l80e?
  2. I have to do the same. I have the tranny under the car right now, but have been focusing on other aspects of it before I cut out the factory tranny mounts.
  3. Have a picture of the trans tunnel after massaging it to fit the tranny?
  4. This may have sealed the deal for me wrapping mine. Just curious, what tools did you use for sanding? I will probably end up buying whatever you used.
  5. Thank you for the update. Curious to see the pics of the massaging done.
  6. I am just going to reuse the radiator that is currently in the car, has a trans cooler in it as well apparently so I am going to try that out also for the 4l80e. Should have the old engine pulled tonight/tomorrow morning, then I will be dropping the 5.3 and 4l80e into it and getting things wired / buttoned up.
  7. Also, what are yall doing with your gauge cluster? I am trying to think up ideas on what to put in place of the stock datsun cluster because that won't be any good with the gm ecu.
  8. I have what seems to be a decent size alum rad currently in mine. Just need to rip the engine out w/ the belt driven fan and figure out what size fan/shroud I can mount to it. For those running fuel cells? Which one did you go with? I am not sure if I want to use the stock datsun tank still or just run a 15gal fuel cell in the back with a sump and external pump.
  9. In for the same info. I am assuming the OEM GM LM7 pan wont work. Thing seem pretty long.
  10. Great thread. Awesome info here. I will be doing an 5.3 swap on my 1980 280zx in the near future. Just trying to gather all the info I need before hand. Anymore updates Subhuman? Your build is coming along great.
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