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  1. That is a big help I need to do a calculation on the size needed. I have heard of people running CX racing and saying they are ok, then some say they are trash. I saw a picture of the tube & fin vs. a treadstone they were way different. (not as tightly packed, not symmetrical) If the godzilla looked like a mishimoto or treadstone core I would be comfortable I think but they don't have any pictures of inlets on their website... I am new to intercoolers but sounds like the more tightly packed the fins the more heat is removed, the trick is keeping the cfm up. On the
  2. I did not know that thank you so much supernova! So far my wife understands but I still haven't won her over on riding in it... Found these from Techno toys... https://technotoytuning.com/nissan/s130/tension-control-rods-datsun-280zx The extreme fix if needed.
  3. Vogtlands link https://www.ebay.com/p/1534579105 That would be fun... but sadly no, just gotta wait for our next fun monies
  4. I bought this full Poly kit cheapest way and now I have all the bushings. Just make sure you grease them before you put them in as they will squeak otherwise! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Prothane-TOTAL-Suspension-Bushing-Inserts-For-79-83-Nissan-Datsun-280ZX-BLACK/402290474886?fits=Model%3A280ZX|Make%3ADatsun&epid=657728997&hash=item5daa617f86:g:0x4AAOSwd4tT-trO
  5. Hello I'm new to the forum, My friend and I just finished getting my 83 turbo up and running. In my search for an intercooler I found this kit from Godzilla Raceworks. I talked with them and they said it was an ebay intercooler they have had good luck with. I am checking to see if anyone has any experience with this setup. I was originally going to go with a treadstone intercooler and do my own piping, but for 550 if its a quality intercooler thats a good deal. https://www.godzillaraceworks.com/turbo/front-mount-intercooler-kits-for-1970-1983-datsun-z-cars B
  6. I have the Tokico shocks for lowered cars (friend of mine found them on craigslist) I am debating between Eibach & VOGTLAND lowering springs. VOGTLAND are supposed to be .2 of an inch lower so leaning towards those... I will get some pics once the wifey approves the purchase
  7. Thank you this is a very helpful thread. technicalninja great explanation, helped me make my desision! If I was dd my 280zx then i would go recirc for the off boost pluses, however since I have a commuter.... I like to play when I drive my toy, that means I am on boost more so I'll enjoy a little noise!
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