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  1. Thank You NewZed, and JHM, most of my issues have been resolved after going through most of the circuitry of my car. *Headlights were fixed via replacing shattered Glass Fuse *Voltage Guage was also fixed via replacing blown Glass Fuse *Alternator Charge issue was fixed after fixing the Volt Guage and noticing no charge light was turning on when starting the car, change the bulb in the volt gauge and the light came on but the alternator was still not charging. The issue was resolved after changing the Fusible Links alternator worked like a charm. *Rough Idle was fixed via going through the vacuum hoses and noticed one to be broken, after reconnecting the hose car Idle was better. Now I am trying to focus on the Brakes: Thinking of doing the Toyota PU Calipers and 1980 280ZX Master Cylinder, and upgrading the brake lines if needed, also brake hoses as well. Next is Ignition: I want to know if the Stock Distributor is good or should I upgrade it? Also, the Ignition Coil is still stock, and feel like I should Upgrade that as well to something a bit more powerful and free flowing. After that I want to focus on the Exhaust: I have a terrible hole or leak in my exhaust and all the fumes are coming to the cabin somehow. Also, are there any Known Exhaust Systems available for the 280z 2+2? or would it be cheaper to go to a reputable Exhaust Shop and have them make one for the Car? For some reason when I start the car after an extended time, I can smell a lot of unburnt gas it gets better after time but initially, it seems that car is running Rich as Hell
  2. Yes, after posting here I went looking for answers on the Headlights and found the Service Manual on XenonZCars.com for 1977 S30. Also several other threads indicate that this is a common issue with these Z cars especially for the 75-78 280Z where either the stock is clean or it could be the ground for the lighting circuit. I will clean the stock and see if all the grounds are OK. The drill was left there as I needed to take the License Plates off in a hurry and had to be back at work so I didn't bother removing it when I was taking the photos.
  3. Hello Everyone, recently I have become an owner of running 1977 Datsun 280Z. I have always loved them and wanted to get hands on one of them, I have gotten my hands on this 280Z 2+2 GHLS 4 SPD. I am in love with the car, but it does have its flaws. I would like to sincerely ask the HybridZ community for any and all the help you all can provide on bringing my car to at its best. The known issues so far are as follows: All the lights work other than the front Headlights, and Hazard button does not work. Passenger door does not close fully and it seems does not latch on to the hook. Water on the floor of the car from rain seems to be getting in from the doors. Shift boot is nonexistent and can see the ground from the shift lever. (hence the fumes from busted exhaust are almost at hazardous level while driving the car) Atlast the Dreaded Rust is certainly present but it is not severe at as far as I can tell. I am very excited to join the community and would like to humbly ask for all of your help to keep this beautiful car alive and well. Thanks
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