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  1. I noticed with the bad afm's plugged in the car would run w/o power to the pump. Right now with this working afm if i disconnect the power to the fuel pump it only runs for a few seconds and then the motor just turns off.
  2. You guys are not going to beleive it. It was the dumb afm! I picked up a third unit just out of curiousity. Plugged it in and bam. Started right up. Ive now gone through 2 afm. What could be making them go bad?
  3. Anyone in the san fernando valley or socal area have a stock 280zx lower valace?
  4. im disconnecting the power to the fuel pump in the hatch area. By unplugging a 2 wire clip. I normally do this as a theft deterrent. If my car tries to get stolen it wouldnt go anywhere since it would only run for a few seconds.
  5. Hmm... Which one of the two sensors on the therstat housing is the temp sensor? i let the car run yesyerday gor about 15 mins idling normally with the pump unplugged. Then i slowly began to rev the motor and got it up to 5000 before it cut out abit. Plugged in the pump while it was still idling and instant death again. One time i managed to keep the car running after i plugged in the pump but as soon as i touched the throttle again just instant flood. Sadly i dont have an extra ecu or know anyone around that can lend me one just to rule it out.
  6. So today i drove to work in the morning and the car ran fine. When i was going to leave work the car wouldnt start. It would crank over really fast and all i would smell is fuel. I encountered this problem a while back with an old afm that the flap would stay stick open. Soi check the flap everything is fine. I check for spark, got it. Fuel for sure i was getting. What i find very odd is that if i disconnect the fuel pump the car starts and idles. If i rev slowly it still stays on. As soon as i plug the fuel pump back on it floods and turns off. My guess the afm sending a full throttle
  7. My cars not slammed. Its at a decent ride height for me daily driving it in the jacked up streets of LA. And my front lip just so you know was the work of some hater in Valenica that kicked it in. How do i know? his big ass foot print was on the piece that was barely dangling on LOL I am thinking about some other wheels already tho.
  8. I Too share the Love for the Less wanted ZX Breed. If people only gave it a chance they could see how awesome the car really is. Only problem i see is that most of the people i see on the street driving a zx are old and the car is beat to a pulp! Give to the right set of hands the car is amazing! PurepontiacKid, your Stance is Awesome! Ive yet to see another slammed ZX! Anyways here's the Love of my present Life Zoe! =D
  9. Daniel13brx7


  10. Thansk for the replies guys! aplyedmind is right tho. I need and Turbo AFM
  11. Mine is starting to go out. I need one really bad. I dont have much money if someone is willing to work something out with me i would greatly appreaciate it. I have 75 in my paypal as of now to buy one.
  12. So ive had my car for about a year and a half now. I recently was going to sell my car but had a change of heart. Love my car too much! Thanks to Yasin and Hughdogz. They are a big inspiration for working on my car. Seeing the devotion they have for the ZX Platform as much as I do just makes me want to do better. Everywhere i go people and friends always tell me. Damn i didnt know the ZX could look like that. It makes me feel really good about my car. Im not going to lie i love the Z platform as well and have owned one. But i prefer the bigger sexy curves of the ZX. Anyways, Im always doing so
  13. Hey Daniel, How you gets your car so low?

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