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  1. I used to order most of my parts from z car depot . When they stopped answering the phone I quit ordering. Personal preference but I want to be able to talk to someone.
  2. It looked like an easy way to lower my 76 280z 2 to 2 1/2 inches without losing ride quality. My goal is to lower my stock rebuilt suspension 2 inches if there are better ways i would like to hear them. Many thanks for the replies Ken
  3. Anybody use silvermine bolt in camber plates? They say it will lower a 280z 2 1/2 inches without affecting ride. thinking about buying a set and trying to do my due diligence thanks Ken
  4. Anybody used the silvermine bolt in camber plates. They say it lowers car 2 to 2 1/2 inches without affecting ride , thinking about buying a set and trying to do my due diligence Thanks KEN
  5. I want the BRE spoiler. Can you get me a price shipped to 36619 Thanks Ken
  6. contact me when you get back . So far I have had no luck Thanks Ken
  7. I need the bracket that mounts the fuel damper to the fuel pump bracket for my 1976 280z Thanks Ken
  8. Want to change my 1976 280z from manual to automatic I know a lot of you have gone the other way and hopefully saved the parts. i have a nisssan 5 speed or a t5 transmission to trade or cash is fine.Thanks in advance Ken
  9. I need a fan shroud for my 1976 280z with AC Please pm me if you can help. Thanks Ken
  10. What kind of shape is the under intake heat shield , if it is in good shape I want it. I also want the rubber coil cover Shipping to 36619 Thanks ken
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