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  1. Any updates M_Dragan? I plan on swapping a 2JZ into my 73 here real soon!
  2. Forgot to mention, my wife Abbey will not let me put in an automatic 😎
  3. Hi guys! This is my 1st post, however I have been reading this forum and the Classic Z Car forum since 2002. The references that I found at these forums is the only reason my Z got on the road. I drove it with the L24 running Holley 4 Barrel carbs from 2004 to 2010 and loved it. The only thing I didn't love was tuning the car weekly to almost daily with as much as I was driving it. I have been dreaming of a swap since I got the car but budget wise it wasn't in the mix back then. I just recently sold my house and daily drivers and moved to California. So, now I have budgeted $8K for this build, but can go over if needed. I have extensively read the sticky on this swap, but I just want to hear from you guys because I know I will be needing your help VERY SOON! I have found a JDM Import Shop here in Sacramento, http://northwestjdmmotors.com/product/jdm-toyota-2jzgte-vvti-engine/ and I have spoken with them and their looking for a 2JZ-GTE with an R154 Trans for me. The one in the link is a FRONT SUMP, I am pretty sure that will not work correct? 2JZ-GTE asking $3K R154 Trans asking $1800 Pair of Subaru STI Seats asking $400 Planning on negotiating to $4500-4800 Let me know if this sounds fair to you guys I have a friend who is a Master Subaru Mechanic coming up for 10 days to complete the swap in the near future I sold most of my tools in the move to CA, still have socket sets, drills, screw gun My neighbor can lend me any specialty tools I may need to start Recommended tools for the project? Engine Hoist ??? I'd like to buy all of the parts that I will need to order before he arrives pair of Jaguar XJS V12 engine mounts Wiring harnesses? etc. ? All the little things? Anything I should do while the engine and transmission is out? Any parts or tools or anything really that you guys ran into that I may want to know I'll post pics of the Z soon! I plan on hitting this hot and heavy between mid Feb and March. Thanks, Hunter
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